Tuesday, November 11, 2014

*FREE ALL AGES DIY SHOW A Thousand Shall Fall, Fountain Of Bile, Phantom, AGE, & Outraged @ Hangman's Oak Friday 12/12/14

A Thousand Shall Fall, Fountain Of Bile, Phantom, AGE, & Outraged @ Hangman's Oak Friday 12/12/14

Hosted By Elpasty Guero!

Thrash Metal
In early 2012, drummer Quentin Minor from Salinas CA began his search for local musicians and fellow thrashers fitting to join his ideal thrash metal band. He soon recruited Derek Dacpino as his lead guitarist, also living in Salinas CA. Half a year later, he discovered local punk rocker, David Gordon who at the time was living in Salinas CA. He soon moved to Santa Cruz CA but still remains the current bass player for Phantom. One year later at the loss of their previous rhythm guitarist and vocalist, David and Quentin asked local metalhead Dallas Reyna from Watsonville CA to join the band. Coincidentally In search of a thrash band, he joined and now plays rhythm guitar. On vocals from Prunedale California, we have Gavin "Whitehawk" who was asked by Quentin to fill in on vocals in early 2013, it didn't take long until he became an official member of the band. With influences from bands such as the all mighty EXODUS, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and Metallica along with many others, Phantom seemed to be on the right track. Once everything was set in to place and after having a completed line up, Phantom was ready to kick off their first show which took place in late 2013. We have since then officially been booking shows and looking for more to play. We're eager to contribute to the music scene and can't wait to destroy with the best of them. The way we like to see it, all our music has to be harder, fast and stronger. 
To quote someone who is a huge inspiration to us: "We're not happy unless we see someone out there in the pit, bleeding and smiling." - Gary Holt (Exodus) 

Santa Cruz
Divergent, uncompromising, and absolutely punishing; Santa Cruz, California’s “A Thousand Shall Fall” stand poised to continue what they have done for years. Create music untethered to the whims of labels, magazines, or blogs. To create metal that is unafraid to experiment, to enjoy itself, and to humiliate the inadequacy of environment. “A Thousand Shall Fall” greeted 2013 with the release of “In the Shadow of the Mighty,” they continue their growth and evolution in 2014 with the release of “Horizon.” Having recently wrapped production of their latest release the band is currently hard at work cementing tour plans and crafting the band’s first full length album for 2015.

Santa Cruz
We are Fountain Of Bile. Fuck you.

Power Metal
San Jose
AGE was conceived of in San Jose by David McCarter. He then recruited former members of Olympus Mons, Demetrius Ontiveros and Santos Torres, and former member of The Gangrene Gang Bang, Mike Cavender. Later, AGE recruited Heavy Hands guitarist Adam Pineda and Steve Lieberman to complete the 6 piece thrash metal band. The styles that each member brings to the band gives them a very unique sound, as each member writes entire songs, making every song sound nothing like the last and bending towards many genres of metal.

Hardcore Punk
23hrs Records / Lengua Armada Records

Hangman's Oak
470 Strawberry Road
Royal Oaks, CA

All Ages
Donation Suggested

Outraged 8:30-9
AGE 9:15-9:45
Fountain Of Bile 10-10:35
A Thousand Shall Fall 10:45-11:25
Phantom 11:35-?

Give or take 30mins.


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