Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Blue Lagoon general booking guidelines and requirements with Morketiden Productions.

Thank you for your interest in The Blue Lagoon & Morketiden Productions.

Check out the calendar on for our current list of confirmed events.
We can not add you to a show unless the bands that are already booked, and the club agree to add you.

We have room for negotiations.
This is just to give everyone an idea of how we usually work.

The Blue Lagoon
923 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Capacity: 395

Morkeiden Productions hosts shows at The Blue Lagoon every Friday, we also host show on Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's with club approval.

The venue asks for three bands per show.
The Blue Lagoon is 21+ WITH VALID ID
All persons intending on entering the club must present valid identification.

Booking Contact: Jesse Williams

* Band name
* Main contact phone # and email
* Members names, ages, phone #'s, & position in band
* Style of music
* Hometown of band
* An honest estimate of bands draw at The Blue Lagoon
* Preferred web page to use for promotion
All Bands that want to set up a show must find Santa Cruz support bands to help with local draw and promotion. Touring bands especially.
*Support bands also need to email all required information to us. Including the date of the show they are sending confirmation for.

Underage band members must wait outside. They are only allowed inside during set time.
Break this rule and you will be 86'd from the club.

Morketiden Productions is not here to find you local Santa Cruz support or set your show up for you. We are just trying to help make shows happen.

Santa Cruz support bands will be needed before booking can continue. This is the first thing the club will need. This is your responsibility.
We can not set a date before the show has local support confirmation.

Here is a small list of Santa Cruz bands to consider for tour support.

The group that books the date is responsible for making a flyer and physically posting them around town.
The club requires that you make the flyer for the show your profile picture on any social networking sites, and that you make frequent posts about your event, reminding people to come support you.

The club must see that you have posted a flyer at the club and online or your show could be canceled by management.

* Do not set up before the sound engineer asks you to.
*Venue provides PA and sound engineer.
* Load in is at 8pm sharp.
* Set lengths are generally from 30-45 minutes. Lengths are finalized at load in.
* Bands are allowed to bring merchandise to sell and may ask for donations.
* Bands receive drink tickets as often as possible.
* Bands receive guest spots as often as possible.
* Everyone needs to have a valid ID on them to enter the bar.
*Free WiFi is available
*The venue can not provide transportation, lodging or meals.

Be on time and respect the venue.
Please email any questions or suggestions to

Jesse Williams
923 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz CA 95060
tel 831.420.7005

Contact local media and ask them to do a write-up on your event. Post in local papers online calendars "Club Grid".

Make flyers and set then as you profile picture on social networks. Create events in social networks and invite your fans.

Distribute posters to local hangouts; coffee shops, skate and surf shops, restaurants, record stores, rehearsal spaces and schools.... everywhere that you think is appropriate.

Be sure to bring copies of your poster to the club and ask us to put them in our window.

Thank you.

The following is a media list of editors and music-related journalists you should contact with press releases and kits pertaining to your show. Some media will need this information more quickly than others – obviously monthly publications need greater lead times than daily publications.

General rule of thumb is the SOONER THE BETTER. You need a minimum of three weeks to a month lead time to normally be considered for the weekly papers.

Santa Cruz Sentinel -
Wallace Baine - Entertainment Editor - / 831-429-2427
Gretchen Wegrich - Calendar Editor -
1. First go to the Sentinel website and add your show to their calendar listing
2. Email show info and a high- res photo to Gretchen - she does the daily "Best Bets"
3. Email show info (no photo) to Wallace. Follow-up the next day via phone.

Monterey Herald -
Beth Peerless -
1. Go to the Herald website and add your show to the calendar listings
2. Email show info to Beth. Beth writes a column for the Herald covering Santa Cruz shows

Santa Cruz Weekly -
Tessa Stuart -
1. Email basis show info and high res photo to calendar email
2. Email show info to Tessa (reporter)
Good Times Santa Cruz -
Jenna Brogan (music writer) -
1. Go to Good Times website, create account and send show to calendar listing
2. Email show info to Jenna (music reporter)
Email show info to :
Metro Silicon Valley (San Jose based weekly)
550 S. First Street, San Jose, CA –
Steve Palopoli – Editor – 408-200-1300 or

All Genres:
KZSC (University of SC) -
1. Email show info to to get on the calendar
2. Check show listings on website and contact DJs directly about in-studio appearances.
3. Good local shows in all genres available.
KPIG – – Do live radio Please Stand By (needs a significant amount of lead time to get onto this program).

Online Calendars:
Add your show to all of these online properties.

Local poster printing and distribution -

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