Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Crayon Eaters, Death Letters, Magnuson, & George Orwell Experience @ The Blue Lagoon Monday October 10th

Monday October 10th 2011

Death Letters

They're not even allowed in the amazing venues Austin has to offer without supervision, but that didn't keep the Dutch band 'Death Letters' from taking off to Texas when only 18 and 19 years old. They were there for a one sole purpose: recording their second album with one of their favourite producers. This particular producer has worked with bands from the likes of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, JET, The Datsuns and The Dandy Warhols and rolls by the name of Chris 'Frenchie' Smith.
How they got here? Well, here's the tale of two youngsters chasing their dream in a far-away land.

During the Great Depression of the 30’s, American blues hero Son House wrote and recorded his signature song “Death Letter”. Somewhat 76 years later in 2006, singer/guitarist Jordi “Duende” Ariza Lora (19 yrs old) and drummer Victor Brandt (18 yrs old) borrowed the name for their band, inspired by the song’s characteristic raw emotion and urgent rhythm. Also influenced by groups like The Thermals, Oceansize, Death Cab for Cutie, Cult of Luna and At The Drive-In, Death Letters aren’t even close to their twenties yet, but are already bursting with talent and growing experience.

Hitting it off immediately in their first rehearsal, Jordi and Victor became a tight musical pair and recorded their debut EP “Play it like you mean it” shortly afterwards. The EP was a success receiving excellent reviews.
Things really kicked off when the guys, then aged 15 and 16, entered a band competition and made their first TV appearance. They went for gold and got it; a backstage gig at Holland’s finest summerfestival ‘Pinkpop’. With the media all over them it was time to get serious; that same year they recorded their first full-length album.

Amsterdam based label Cool Buzz soon honed in on the Death Letters powerful sound and dynamic live performances, signed them in a heartbeat and released their debut self titled album in February 2009 throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The album delivers thirteen solid tracks drenched with rock, blues and a steep dose of punk boiled down to true grittiness written with blood, sweat and the occasional tear.

Gaining more attention with the release of the album, Death Letters began to tour a whole range of venues and festivals including Paradiso, Zwarte Cross and Paaspop, as well as several German stages. The Germans couldn’t get enough of the pair and so Death Letters teamed up with the Stagg-O-Lee Label (partner of the infamous Glitterhouse Records) to release the album in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The stage provides Death Letters with a free license to exalt untamed madness through their energetic live sets. Frontman Jordi literally jumps, flies, kicks and dives across the stage never compromising the integral performance of any song. His voice remains sturdy and sharp, his howls perfectly co-ordinating with his skills as a guitarist in spectacular licks. Now add Victor’s loud and incredibly taut drumming and you have a stage performance that impresses contemporaries and creates even more devoted followers.

But you will have to have just a little patience before the band will hit up the stages again. As mentioned Death Letters have just recorded their new album and are currently preparing its release for April 8th 2011. As the band develops, this second album will have a substantially different vibe, drawing more on a complex, psychedelic punk rock sound than the blues rock they started out with.
Watch out for Death Letters – things are only going to get more intense from here..

Los Angeles

Insane prog rock duo that makes as much sound with two people as possible. Blending catchy, dualing vocals with huge guitar tones and fat drum beats, Magnuson forges a sound that will make you sing and dance while leaving you amazed by their instrument-switching antics. Must see live to believe.

George Orwell Experience
Underground Alternative Indie
Santa Cruz

we play music and feel real good about it. maybe we are silly dreamers but we feel we can help heal those who tune in to our vibration. our thing is to play conscious music while retaining the edge of the underground. also our music is danceable and cool.

The Crayon Eaters
Hardcore Punk
Santa Cruz

Hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, CA. Have been a band now for a couple years and we are really pushing to get as many shows as possible. We are willing to play any time any where.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00

Two Headed Spy, Vulture King, & Space Labor Union @ The Blue Lagoon Monday September 26th

Monday September 26th 2011

Two Headed Spy
San Francisco, CA

We can't figure out if we rock super hard or just have too many friends who don't like to stay home to drink.
We are three guys playing 90s rock in the 2010s trying to balance the absurd with the heavy as f-ing balls. We're playing around San Francisco and the Bay Area AND we're available for bar mitzvahs!

Vulture King
Low - Heavy - Rock
Monterey, CA

Dark and heavy riffage on the cthonically low B, like a vapor of Scandinavian sorrow and garage-flavored rock'n'roll pushing its way into your soul...

VULTURE KING is a low heavy rock band from Monterey, California, driving a sound that mixes hard rock, metal, garage, and gothic, with the slow, low, Rock and Roll pulse of classic foundation bands like Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General. VULTURE KING is fronted by Danny Frank, a passionate baritone. Backing him up is Patrick Golden, pumping out soul-crushing low riffs on a seven-stringed axe and leading with soulful highs. And deep in the rhythm section are the heartbeating thunder of Daniel McCormick on bass and the percussive assault of Steve Lenard on drums.

Space Labor Union
Telepathic Neurojelly
Santa Cruz, CA


923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00