Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eviscerate & Phalgeron @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday October 12th

Wednesday October 12th 2011

Death Metal
Santa Cruz

We are a santa cruz death metal band that has been at it for a while now, we are always looking to play shows, and more you love us the faster we play.

Epic Brutal Black Metal

The year is 2008, under the fiery blaze of the Los Angeles sun, surrounded by the putrid stench of the streets Hollywood, and in the Halls of Musicians Institute, Phalgeron was forged. Three Haggard, hungry, and inebriated minstrels all from different stately kingdoms Coalesced to make a thunderous sound that called forth demons from deep in the earth, and fire from the skies. Shortly after they had carved three musical composings in stone, the one they called, Ian, was forced to return to his distant homeland of Minnesota. But a fitting replacement was found in the Regal Pat Martin, and the destructive force that is Phalgeron was on the war path once more. Over the next year Many a venue was pillaged with the help of other seasoned minstrels such as Nunslaughter, Napalm Death, Alestorm, and Monstrosity. However the decimation of the Los Angeles wasteland grew tiresome, so in September of 2009, Phalgeron said its parting words with Pat Martin, packed it's Battle Minivan, and withdrew to the icy north of Washington. After receiving word of the move from his trusted war falcon Varturus, Sir Ian made haste to the west to stand by the sides of his brothers once more. With the original triforce in place, the cold land of towering trees was mercilessly conquered by Phalgeron. This north western crusade saw Phalgeron riding valiantly with Pestilence, Cemetery Urn, and Nile, with plans to battle alongside Ensiferum and Finntroll in of February 2011. And so the story comes to a close, for now, but the future has great plans in store for Phalgeron. A full length of powerful decimating diddies is to be released in late January or Early February of 2011. Until then, the saga continues.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00