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Sara Radle, BOATS!, & Up All Night @ The Blue Lagoon Friday March 9th

Friday March 9th 2012

Catchy indie pop/rock, influenced by Sixties girl groups, years of being in a punk/pop band, and being raised by folk musicicans. :)
Los Angeles, CA

The story of Sara Radle’s music career is one that began in San Antonio, Texas in the late 90’s but she is probably most known for being the reason The Rentals reunited in 2005.

In 1996, at the age of seventeen, she began carving out a name for herself in the Texas music scene with punk-pop trio Lucy Loves Schroeder and her own solo project.  Eight years later, ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp played a show with her in Dallas, and very soon after, he asked her to relocate to Los Angeles, CA in 2005 to re-form The Rentals.  Radle and Sharp re-built the band from the ground up, wrote some songs together, recorded the group’s Last Little Life EP, and toured the world.  Fans were sad to see Radle leave The Rentals in 2008, when she soon after joined Los Angeles-based indie-rock band Walking Sleep.  With her September 2010 fourth solo album release, Four, it was time she returned to her true passion – writing and recording her own music.

With her upcoming fifth solo record, Same Sun Shines, Radle displays her full versatility as a musician by playing every instrument on the record, including guitars, drums, piano, and violin.  She also entered new territory by engineering and mixing the record’s collection of ten infectious pop songs herself.  “I’ve never officially released something I’ve recorded myself, so I was a bit nervous going into it,” says Radle.  “But after fumbling around a bit, I found my way and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  It was fun to figure out how to capture the songs the way they sounded in my head.”  She jokes, “I guess I really created my ultimate control-freak fantasy with the way I made this record.”

Same Sun Shines continues Radle’s diary-entry lyrical style, using a mix of honesty, heart, humor, and bite to tell stories of love, loss, relationships, and even death.  From intimate moments with scaled down instrumentation, to fully orchestrated arrangements that have you questioning how one person was able to make a recording that sounds as full as a room of musicians playing together, every song on Same Sun Shines reflects Radle’s unique signature style that mixes rock, 50’s and 60’s pop, Americana, punk, and classic country.  The latter is apparent on her cover of Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, a song made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  The Same Sun Shines version features big guitars and driving drums, and Radle in a duet with legendary indie singer/songwriter Mary Lou Lord.  “I’ve been a fan of hers for years,” says Radle.  “I wanted to sing this song as a duet with another woman, because I think it takes on such a great, bitter tone from a female perspective.  I asked Mary Lou if she would sing on it, and I was delightfully surprised she agreed.  Words cannot express how happy and proud I am to have her on my record.”

With the promising result that has become Same Sun Shines, Radle has a lot to be proud of these days.  She is excited to take her new songs on the road and play some U.S. tour dates starting in February 2012.  Please stay tuned for current dates.

Punk / Powerpop
Sacramento, CA

“Lest you think the members of BOATS! Are just soulless cash hungry fools, it's not quite like that.” -The Sacramento Bee
“I think they’re the only band on MySpace these days, so, obviously, their super stardom is all but assured.” -RazorCake Magazine

“I love the sound of this band because it suggests seventies-era LA punk – raw, wild and unpretentious. It brings to mind The Zeros, Black Randy, and the Weirdos, but with a modern twist.”
- Alive & Kicking Magazine
   Formed in 2007, from Sacramento California, BOATS! is an indie/punk band, that plays super short, catchy songs, in the style of The BUZZCOCKS, The Briefs and Clorox Girls. After releasing their first EP in 2009 "Summer Vacation", BOATS! hasn't really looked back. Touring all over the U.S. and Canada, BOATS! seem to make a good impression where ever they go. Though most people who aren't from Sacramento think BOATS! are from the San Francisco bay area... They really aren't. Sacramento is located between Reno, NV and San Francisco on interstate 80. BOATS! may not be a “local favorite” but they have found their share of success on the road playing with bigger bands, such as: Agent Orange, 7seconds, Youth Brigade, Descendents, The Tranzmitors, Fear, Di, Total Chaos, PeelanderZ, The Cute Lepers, Clorox Girls, The Briefs, Angry Samoans, Prima Donna (toured with Green day), The Avengers, Pansy Division, The Queers, The Phenomenauts, The Living End, The Muffs, The Groovie Ghoulies, Nerf Herder, U.S. Bombs, Duane Peters Gun Fight, Billy Bones, The Dwarves, Bad Brains, Paul Collins Beat, The Vibrators and many more.
BOATS! consists of three members:
Patrick Shelley – Drums 
David Hayden – Bass/Vocals 
Matt Leonardo – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Currently, BOATS! are releasing records on May Cause Dizziness Records with European distribution from No Front Teeth Records.

Santa Cruz

The most shredding shredders you will ever see shred in you LIFE, including members of the famed Groggs, Moongerms, and Luxury Sweets.
Up All Night is THE best band EVER.
There never has been and there never will be a band better than Up All Night.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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Upcoming Events @ The Blue Lagoon 2-5-12

Spinfarm, Isadoras Scarf, & Melted Horses @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday April 18th

Wednesday April 18th 2012

Rock / Experimental
Marina, CA

Home grown, with no GMO's  

Isadoras Scarf
Alternative Punk
Santa Cruz

Isadora's Scarf is a Santa Cruz based alternative punk band. The band plays a mix of alt-rock covers and punk-influenced originals, in the prolapsed vein of Radiohead, X, Iggy Pop, Concrete Blonde and PJ Harvey. The sound is fierce, driving and distinctive, an itch which gets scratched in your brain that goes from soothing to blistering, and then just sort of a pleasant throbbing.

With their flair for histrionics and prize giveaways, the band promotes creative interaction with the audience and spastic abandon. The vocals are edgy, and the music entices even the lead-footed to get up and dance.

Melted Horses
70's Revivalist Rock 'n' Roll / Blues / Alternative / Country
San Jose

Melted Horses is a late 60's, early 70's revivalist band which seeks to write and perform music that existed at the pinnacle of guitar driven rock&roll. A style of music that peaked in the mid 1970's just before the music industry collapsed under it's own gluttonous, decadent weight and descended into a sea of synthesizers, electronic drum beats, and choreographed stage antics.The Horses' sound walks a fine line between the Woodstock era looseness represented by such musicians as Leslie West and a type of music that represents a nearly obsessive search for guitar tonalities as seen in the styles of Dicky Betts, Joe Walsh, and Don Felder. The band consists of four members: a lead guitarist, vocal/2nd guitarist, bassist and a drummer. "The Horses will change you're life..."

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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