Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spinfarm, Isadoras Scarf, & Melted Horses @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday April 18th

Wednesday April 18th 2012

Rock / Experimental
Marina, CA

Home grown, with no GMO's  

Isadoras Scarf
Alternative Punk
Santa Cruz

Isadora's Scarf is a Santa Cruz based alternative punk band. The band plays a mix of alt-rock covers and punk-influenced originals, in the prolapsed vein of Radiohead, X, Iggy Pop, Concrete Blonde and PJ Harvey. The sound is fierce, driving and distinctive, an itch which gets scratched in your brain that goes from soothing to blistering, and then just sort of a pleasant throbbing.

With their flair for histrionics and prize giveaways, the band promotes creative interaction with the audience and spastic abandon. The vocals are edgy, and the music entices even the lead-footed to get up and dance.

Melted Horses
70's Revivalist Rock 'n' Roll / Blues / Alternative / Country
San Jose

Melted Horses is a late 60's, early 70's revivalist band which seeks to write and perform music that existed at the pinnacle of guitar driven rock&roll. A style of music that peaked in the mid 1970's just before the music industry collapsed under it's own gluttonous, decadent weight and descended into a sea of synthesizers, electronic drum beats, and choreographed stage antics.The Horses' sound walks a fine line between the Woodstock era looseness represented by such musicians as Leslie West and a type of music that represents a nearly obsessive search for guitar tonalities as seen in the styles of Dicky Betts, Joe Walsh, and Don Felder. The band consists of four members: a lead guitarist, vocal/2nd guitarist, bassist and a drummer. "The Horses will change you're life..."

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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