Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hard Of Heart, Incisus, Bad Times Crew, & Asterion @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/27/13

Wednesday 2/27/13

Hard Of Heart

Death Metal
Manteca, CA

Northern California


923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

Antholix, The Magic Hats, The Saint Ides, Down And Outlaws, & Tom "Soda" Gardocki @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 2/22/13

Friday 2/22/13

Melodic Hard Rock
Santa Cruz
Rockin' Bluesed out Music for the Soul
Santa Cruz

The Saint Ides
(members of Dixon)
Santa Cruz

Tom "Soda" Gardocki
Country / Swamp / Outlaw
Knights Ferry, CA

"​Tom "Soda" Gardocki spent years playing guitar in SoCal rockers Wax (go rewatch the credits of Mallrats; the band plays right after its pals Weezer) but more recently he's devoted himself to more rustic purposes.
Either performing with his Large Band, his "Million Piece Band," or solo with his 12-string banjo (like on the The South Congress Session bootleg, recently released by Hillgrass Bluebilly Records), Soda's twangy voice hints ever-so-slightly at his punk past." - Read more at Phoenix New Times

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

Bane Shows: Exhumed, Phobia, Fast Asleep, & Mortuous @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/20/13

Wednesday 2/20/13

(Bay Area Gore Metal; Relapse Records)

(So.Cal Grindcore; Willowtip Records)


(San Jose Death)

923 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz,CA 95060

$10 @ Door
Show: 9:00
Doors: 8:30
Ages 21+

StormBat, Section 5150, Disciples Of Bacchus, & Pyrotanic @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/13/13

Wednesday 2/13/13

Thrash Metal

David and Morgan found Steve on Craigslist in 2010. Ian joined at the beginning of 2011, and thus began Metal Banned. The Blood Red Sky demo was released in in November 2011 with Johnny on vocals; he left a month later due to irreconcilable personality differences.
Tired of explaining the name, "Metal Banned" changed to StormBat, and began a seemingly endless search for a new lead vocalist. Fast forward to July 2012, and after a successful audition, Zach was brought into the StormBat family. Progress is being made on a debut album.
History remains to be written as the road is now paved for future venues to be crushed by the technical grooves and high energy of StormBat. Hailing from the greater Santa Cruz County, with our self proclaimed style of Blackened Thrash Progressive Doom Groove.

Thrash Metal
San Jose, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Bay area California

5150 formed in 2009 with Dave and Chris coming from the same company both working as mechanical engineers. In 2010 Yakamz was added and we began playing shows throughout San Jose and Santa Cruz. After a brief hiatus recording our demo in May and June of 2010 we thrashed out the bay.
2011 halfway gone in a haze of hangovers 5150 Adopted the name Section 5150 and produced our 1st full length album "Bide Your Time."
2012 comes along and we are playing with all the badass Bay Area bands you can think of. We had a brief rad tour to LA. We got a music video in the works and many more shows. Thanks to the continued support of metalheads everywhere we are allowed to keep partying. Thanks to everybody for making our shows epic and spreading the word!!
Section 5150 is a conflict of interest gone to our heads. We like scales, modes, harmonies, clean singing, and all that stuff. But then there's the reason we started this damn band which was to make some heavy music and not paint in the lines of theory like a musician toddler.
Solution: we do it all, and we do it all well. Come to one of our shows and hear people sing the clean chorus of personal hell. Or watch them mosh and frieking kill eachother to Amen Ra. Maybe you'll find someone beepoppin' to 17 while at a beach party. Who knows. It doesn't matter what you want; we got what you need some come and get it


Disciples of Bacchus was formed in 2010 in Watsonville, CA. Our music has been described as Punk Rock, and "Beach Metal".
We party,
We drink,
We like to rock out!

Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
San Jose

5 piece Heavy Metal band from San Jose, CA.
Want to book us a show? Give us a heads up. Thanks!

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

The Subtle Tease, SXO, & Noise Clinic @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/6/13

Wednesday 2/6/13

The Subtle Tease
Alternative Rock, Indie, Electronic
Watsonville, CA

The Subtle Tease are a band from Watsonville, CA. They were formed by Jon Banda and soon became a band in 2009. The band is presently focusing on playing shows and recording there own songs, themselves. All of there music comes from the wide array of influences they have as well as the life experiences they go through.
Thanks to everyone who supports us! - The Subtle Tease

San Diego, CA

Singer/songwriter Jamie Rose & multi-instrumentalist Paul Michlik join forces to create moody rock songs with lush arrangements. After playing live throughout the West Coast, SXO recorded their debut EP Cats in Heat, mixed and mastered by Jack Endino. The band continues to tour in support of Cats in Heat with a live show that, in the words of, "goes from sweet to thrashing at a moment's notice."
New Wave / Psychedelic / Punk
Santa Cruz

Noise Clinic (USA) is:
Taito Reed: Guitar, Vocal
Sayaka Yabuki: Violin, Vocal, Loops, noiseations
Joe Gabent: Bass, Noiseilator
Trevor McClain: Drums, noise machine
James Feathers: Visual Distortions, Jello Projector
originally started in Tokyo, Japan, in September of 2006 with Taito, Tabata, Mitsuru and Kawakita, Ayato to much critical acclaim, played many shows in Japan and recorded with the legendary Charlie in Tokyo to make the remarkable unreleased album, 'Mona Lisa has John Coltrane eyes'. Taito is the mastermind behind the old school West Coast, USA noise-rock band Junk Sick Dawn and also plays guitar for Power Strip and Sayaka Starlite (in Santa Cruz, Ca. USA), Oh My Cow! (Kyoto, Japan) and +DOG+ (L.A., California). Tabata is a founder member of The Boredoms and is active in many projects including Zeni Geva, Acid Mother's Temple and Amazon Saliva. Ayato is an incredible engineer and also plays with the Ayato Kawakita Project jazz group.
Taito Reed re-formed Noise Clinic in Santa Cruz, Ca, USA in 2009 after an abrupt and unintentional departure from Japan in 2008. Teamed up with international recording artist Sayaka Yabuki (Sayaka Starlite, Black Cab, Zen Paradox, Memory Geist) and pioneering loop artist and percussionist Rick Walker (Tao Chemical, Lackadaisy, Done Beginner), the trio set out on a flurry of gigs through the SF Bay Area. This led to the induction of Joe Gabent (Exploding Crustaceans, The Gibbs, SA90, The History Lesson) on bass. More songs were added to the set, and drummer Rick exited and Trevor McClain (Fiends at Feast) was brought in and now rounds out the group. Busily writing new material and resurrecting songs from the Japan Noise Clinic's finished but never released album to add to the live show, Noise Clinic is gearing up for a very busy 2011. James feathers, of original Junk Sick Dawn fame, is along doing an insane array of organic light projection known as the Hikari Saru (Bright Monkey) an almost scary primordial acid flash back they keep promising us. With an enormous sonic attack, textural freakouts, hard rock meets noise meets metal, introspective and often dark subjects and taboo tones, sci-fi psychedelia punk rock grindcore and explosive live shows, Noise Clinic is ready to spark the fuse of a Rock and Roll noise revolution.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

Dirt Track Heroes, The Pacific Kings, & Systemic @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 2/1/13

Friday 2/1/13

Santa Cruz

The Pacific Kings
Santa Cruz

New Rock
Santa Cruz/ San Jose

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

Anchorheart Presents: The Cranks, The Here, & The Infirmities @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 1/30/13

 Wednesday 1/30/13

Electro Garage Space Rock
Santa Cruz, CA

What could be more peculiar than a MUSIC from SPACE PEOPLE? the HERE! a pleasurable output from the genius that sounds MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS the HERE! when throbbing tones the excellent feelings of the HERE! across ELSEWHERE! the HERE it is science. we have taken these feelings to put in your EARS the HERE! the HERE! the HERE!

Punk Rock & Roll
Capitola, CA

Guitarist Mike Hilden, and drummer Americo Castillo are The Cranks, a Santa Cruz based dynamic duo that will take you back to the church of rock n roll with their relentless sermon of American music. If you're looking for a diverse blend of sounds boiled down to one hot shot of whiskey with the heart of ACDC, the mind of Zeppelin, the body of Reverend Horton Heat, and the soul of John Lee Hooker, then this is your Frankenstein!

Old School Fast-Core Street Punk


THE BLUE LAGOON | 923 Pacific Ave. | Santa Cruz, CA 95060

$5 9:00PM 21+ Full Bar!

*Set times subject to change based on load in/out, actual lengths of set, etc...

No underage drinking, smoking, and absolutely NO DRUGS!

"So go comb your hair, fix your lipstick, grab your dancin shoes, and come Rock'n'Roll with us! See you at the show!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aroalan, Numerous, Eccy, & Steven Mostly @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 1/25/13

Friday 1/25/13

Let the bass go BOOM!

Ardalan (Dirtybird/Tech Dolphin)
Numerous (OmNiscient)
Eccy (OmNiscient)
Steve Mostly (Tech Dolphin)

Trypnotic Visuals by: InpsydouT

ONLY $3 / 21+ at The Blue Lagoon
Brought to you by OmNiscient Productions


Growing up in Iran, Ardalan's influences ranged from early Daft Punk to old school techno.When Ardalan moved to the United States, his mind would be blown by the sounds of the infamous dirtybird BBQ parties.Since he was still under 21, this was his only 'party' experience; yet, it would provide enough momentum to set him up for future success.

Investing in music production software, Ardalan worked tirelessly to harness his passion for the deep, techy sound.Just a few years later, Ardalan's dedication would pay off when he submitted dirtybird's Justin Martin with a 10 minute demo.After one listen, Justin thought the track was genius and took on the project - the outcome was Mr. Spock, a 2010 instant anthem!

2011 has proved to be Ardalan's jump off with releases on Chillin Music, Anabatic Records, Sound Pelligrino, Kabutomushi Records, Evolution Records, Demento Mori and dirtybird.

You want it, Ardalan's got it! Lezgo!

Numerous----------- (Birthday Set)

Combining his roots of Classic Hip Hop with the fusion of 808/Deep Bass, Numerous creates what he calls "BassBeat".

Well known as the front man/MC of the Santa Cruz group "Vibrant EYEris", he now showcases his original beat production beatmatched on the wheels of steel, topped off with uplifting and thought provoking lyricism accented by scratching and various turntablism techniques.

"Back 2 The Bassicks" will also feature the release of his new album "BlasterPeace Theatre"... a collection of BassBeat tracks and poetically charged tongue-twisting lyrics.

May the Bass be with you!


From East Coast to West Coast, Eccy has been crafting a presence behind the decks with the insistence of a veteran DJ. Cutting his teeth in Western New York amidst a Nu Skool Breaks golden era, Eccy moved out west to explore new ground.

Reemerging in the Bay Area, enriched in his vast musical explorations,he perfects his ever evolving mix methods through progressive DJ sets. Taking listeners on a journey from booty-filled moombahton & moombahsoul, into 808 inspired UK Funky Breaks & Deep Bass. Be on the lookout for his high energy style, this DJ is one not to be missed!

Steve Mostly------------

Coming into electronic music in 2004, Steven quickly started make a name for himself at parties around the South Bay with his monitors and mixer always in tow.

As the momentum of his shows grew, so did his production talent and collaboration with the Tech Dolphin Artists. Meanwhile, Steve began to put the infamous Wake&Bake Campouts into motion, and after 3 years of turning dirt and building his own stages, Steve now hosts shows 400 attendees deep at his property every summer. San Jose could not have produced a more driven and entrepreneurial spirit.


Showcasing the genius of Dirtybird artist Ardalan, bangin local talent, postitve family vibes, cheap drinks and lots of BASS... all for only $3!!!

Let's get down!!!
-The OmNiscient Crew

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz


The Melodramatics, CIFIC, & Oatmeal Cookie @ The Blue Lagoon Monday 1/28/13

Monday 1/28/13

Redding/Chico, CA
Band formally known as "The Skaflaws" & "The Green Lights"
Santa Cruz

"Northern California Multi-Genre Groove"
Boulder Creek, CA

Central Coast, CA

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz