Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Subtle Tease, SXO, & Noise Clinic @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/6/13

Wednesday 2/6/13

The Subtle Tease
Alternative Rock, Indie, Electronic
Watsonville, CA

The Subtle Tease are a band from Watsonville, CA. They were formed by Jon Banda and soon became a band in 2009. The band is presently focusing on playing shows and recording there own songs, themselves. All of there music comes from the wide array of influences they have as well as the life experiences they go through.
Thanks to everyone who supports us! - The Subtle Tease

San Diego, CA

Singer/songwriter Jamie Rose & multi-instrumentalist Paul Michlik join forces to create moody rock songs with lush arrangements. After playing live throughout the West Coast, SXO recorded their debut EP Cats in Heat, mixed and mastered by Jack Endino. The band continues to tour in support of Cats in Heat with a live show that, in the words of, "goes from sweet to thrashing at a moment's notice."
New Wave / Psychedelic / Punk
Santa Cruz

Noise Clinic (USA) is:
Taito Reed: Guitar, Vocal
Sayaka Yabuki: Violin, Vocal, Loops, noiseations
Joe Gabent: Bass, Noiseilator
Trevor McClain: Drums, noise machine
James Feathers: Visual Distortions, Jello Projector
originally started in Tokyo, Japan, in September of 2006 with Taito, Tabata, Mitsuru and Kawakita, Ayato to much critical acclaim, played many shows in Japan and recorded with the legendary Charlie in Tokyo to make the remarkable unreleased album, 'Mona Lisa has John Coltrane eyes'. Taito is the mastermind behind the old school West Coast, USA noise-rock band Junk Sick Dawn and also plays guitar for Power Strip and Sayaka Starlite (in Santa Cruz, Ca. USA), Oh My Cow! (Kyoto, Japan) and +DOG+ (L.A., California). Tabata is a founder member of The Boredoms and is active in many projects including Zeni Geva, Acid Mother's Temple and Amazon Saliva. Ayato is an incredible engineer and also plays with the Ayato Kawakita Project jazz group.
Taito Reed re-formed Noise Clinic in Santa Cruz, Ca, USA in 2009 after an abrupt and unintentional departure from Japan in 2008. Teamed up with international recording artist Sayaka Yabuki (Sayaka Starlite, Black Cab, Zen Paradox, Memory Geist) and pioneering loop artist and percussionist Rick Walker (Tao Chemical, Lackadaisy, Done Beginner), the trio set out on a flurry of gigs through the SF Bay Area. This led to the induction of Joe Gabent (Exploding Crustaceans, The Gibbs, SA90, The History Lesson) on bass. More songs were added to the set, and drummer Rick exited and Trevor McClain (Fiends at Feast) was brought in and now rounds out the group. Busily writing new material and resurrecting songs from the Japan Noise Clinic's finished but never released album to add to the live show, Noise Clinic is gearing up for a very busy 2011. James feathers, of original Junk Sick Dawn fame, is along doing an insane array of organic light projection known as the Hikari Saru (Bright Monkey) an almost scary primordial acid flash back they keep promising us. With an enormous sonic attack, textural freakouts, hard rock meets noise meets metal, introspective and often dark subjects and taboo tones, sci-fi psychedelia punk rock grindcore and explosive live shows, Noise Clinic is ready to spark the fuse of a Rock and Roll noise revolution.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

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