Thursday, January 17, 2013

StormBat, Section 5150, Disciples Of Bacchus, & Pyrotanic @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 2/13/13

Wednesday 2/13/13

Thrash Metal

David and Morgan found Steve on Craigslist in 2010. Ian joined at the beginning of 2011, and thus began Metal Banned. The Blood Red Sky demo was released in in November 2011 with Johnny on vocals; he left a month later due to irreconcilable personality differences.
Tired of explaining the name, "Metal Banned" changed to StormBat, and began a seemingly endless search for a new lead vocalist. Fast forward to July 2012, and after a successful audition, Zach was brought into the StormBat family. Progress is being made on a debut album.
History remains to be written as the road is now paved for future venues to be crushed by the technical grooves and high energy of StormBat. Hailing from the greater Santa Cruz County, with our self proclaimed style of Blackened Thrash Progressive Doom Groove.

Thrash Metal
San Jose, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Bay area California

5150 formed in 2009 with Dave and Chris coming from the same company both working as mechanical engineers. In 2010 Yakamz was added and we began playing shows throughout San Jose and Santa Cruz. After a brief hiatus recording our demo in May and June of 2010 we thrashed out the bay.
2011 halfway gone in a haze of hangovers 5150 Adopted the name Section 5150 and produced our 1st full length album "Bide Your Time."
2012 comes along and we are playing with all the badass Bay Area bands you can think of. We had a brief rad tour to LA. We got a music video in the works and many more shows. Thanks to the continued support of metalheads everywhere we are allowed to keep partying. Thanks to everybody for making our shows epic and spreading the word!!
Section 5150 is a conflict of interest gone to our heads. We like scales, modes, harmonies, clean singing, and all that stuff. But then there's the reason we started this damn band which was to make some heavy music and not paint in the lines of theory like a musician toddler.
Solution: we do it all, and we do it all well. Come to one of our shows and hear people sing the clean chorus of personal hell. Or watch them mosh and frieking kill eachother to Amen Ra. Maybe you'll find someone beepoppin' to 17 while at a beach party. Who knows. It doesn't matter what you want; we got what you need some come and get it


Disciples of Bacchus was formed in 2010 in Watsonville, CA. Our music has been described as Punk Rock, and "Beach Metal".
We party,
We drink,
We like to rock out!

Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
San Jose

5 piece Heavy Metal band from San Jose, CA.
Want to book us a show? Give us a heads up. Thanks!

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

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