Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Backup Razor Releases "In Times Of Triage II - Urgence Relative" on ITCHY MUSIC January 31st 2012

The Backup Razor Releases ITOT II on 1/31

Rewind. Fast forward. Play. Itchy Music release announcement:

Genre: Punk Rock. Location: Santa Cruz, CA -IME’s “The Backup Razor” assemble their second dose of medication, entitled “In Times of Triage II – Urgence Relative” for global release on January 31st 2012.

For the latest round, the Santa Cruz Punkers deliver 6 new tracks which include:
1. High Five Hating People
2. No Time Like the Present
3. It’s Whorific
4. Money as an Incentive is Bullshit
5. I Like My Women Like I Like My Cheetos… Like Hot
6. Hardly Harley Quinn

The release will be available on all major digital retailers including iTunes, Zune and the Android Market. You can also catch the upcoming tracks on Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, I Heart Radio and many more. Add some TBR to your collective enjoyment.

Rock / Punk
Santa Cruz / San Francisco

IME’s NorCal Punkers “THE BACKUP RAZOR” prepare for their much awaited full album release entitled “IN TIMES OF TRIAGE” due out August 15th. Available at all digital retailers world-wide and on the official IME Merch Store. Check ‘em out today!
As the latest Punk addition to Itchy Metal, rebel quartet "The Backup Razor" is an established entity on the Santa Cruz music scene, both as a member of the artist community and driver of the scene...

With many groups including The Avengers, The Nuns, Mutants, The Offs, and the Dead Kennedys having built thriving careers out of northern California, the Bay Area is no stranger to Punk Rock. Abundant in arts and culture, it makes sense that local geography continues to birth an unstoppable, underground movement abundant in Punk.

Included in the mix is Santa Cruz’s “The Backup Razor”, an eclectic group fueled by a love for “what they do” and propelled by a mission to keep the local music scene alive. Front-man Jesse Williams is the voice behind the band, supported by Nick Hardesty on guitar, Jonathan Mumma on drums and Jeff Badagliacca on bass.

Driven by a genuine passion for expression, TBR has a resume that would put some of the most tenured bands to shame. Sharing stage with literally hundreds of artists and myriads of venues, the rebel quartet has become an established entity across the region as a member and driver on the local scene.

“If you’re trying to make an impact, it’s not enough to make music and hope that something is going to happen,” states Ed Fassio, founder and President of Itchy Metal Entertainment – a Los Angeles-based indie music label who knows a thing or two about staying active. “Live performance is one part of it, but equally important are your community affairs and industry associations. The Backup Razor is a prime example of true involvement. IME is as much concerned with finding great music as we are at finding great people that perpetuate the movement. In TBR, we’re very fortunate to have found both.”

Fassio was introduced to The Backup Razor through Gruesom Grimp, a fellow Bay Area musician and manager of Itchy Metal Artist, A Band of Orcs. Always keeping an eye out for great additions to the growing label’s artist and partner community, Grimp spoke highly of the band’s showmanship and contributions on the local scene. Shortly after, he provided links to their material which sparked both interest and curiosity.

Regarding TBR’s vocalist (Jesse Williams), Grimp adds, “I always call him one of the hardest working guys in Santa Cruz. [As a partner in music] he’s one of the best we’ve had.”

Itchy Metal’s rapid expansion is due in-part to a strong community of artists bonded by a love for music, appreciation of art and dedication to make a difference. It was natural that both IME and TBR culture would be instantly compatible. “There is a perfect combination of elements at work here,” adds Fassio. “Along with great music, we’ve found a very strong music activist and keen business group. That’s a great foundation for future success.”

The Backup Razor plans multiple projects with Itchy Metal which include some well strategized release plans, promotion and performance opportunities. Fans can expect great, original things from this new combination.

Itchy Metal Entertainment is a Las Vegas, NV - based music production company, specializing in artist dev, talent scouting, music recording, producing and distribution as well as internet marketing campaigns and strategies. Visit

Whiskey Wednesday w/ SHIT, Zabrena Bastard, Athiarchist, The Jolly Llamas, Cape Sound, King Kraken, & Digging For China @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday February 15th

Wednesday February 15th 2012

Shitty Punk Rock

Shit is an English word that is usually considered vulgar and profane in Modern English. As a noun it refers to fecal matter (excrement) and as a verb it means to defecate, but really everything is shit or can be shit. Overall it's a very versatile word, and we intend to use it as such.

Zebrana Bastard
Call it what you want, it's the blues far as I'm concerned.
Tacoma, WA

Skulls & Butterflies - Playing live in a town near you.

Most of the time it's just a voice and a bass, sometimes I get to play with some friends. This project is always morphing, I am the only constant.

This is a collection of songs written between 1997 and now. My heart on my sleeve, the baring of my soul. As individuals, we are born with a clean slate, and it is our enviornment and how we react to it that dictates where our lives will go. All that you need is within' yourself if you're willing to seek it out.

Eugene, Oregon

One half of legendary two piece thrash core band The Athiarchists, Aaron Tunnell is one complete bad ass!

The Jolly Llamas
Poppy Folk Rock
Santa Cruz

We are a folky rock duo playing in glorious Santa Cruz, California!

Cape Sound
Multiple-Personality Freak Prog
Santa Cruz

Currently (as in this week), we are Erik Oatman, Jesse Clark, and Zephyr Adee.

Originally conceived as an unnamed, instrumental duo and resident band of the Paul Sweet House in 2008, Clark and Oatman were later joined by Alexis Hawks on cello until the recording of "Collabora" in spring 2009.

Between 2009 and spring of 2010, Cape Sound disbanded as Erik moved to Oakland, Jesse traveled through New Zealand, and Alexis joined forces with the group that would become Audiafuana (

Spring 2010 finally saw the release of "Collabora" after extensive collaboration between Erik and Jesse via email and finally mastering after Erik returned to Santa Cruz. That summer also heralded the release of Coda's "Variations on a Theme" and Hands Mantis' "Greatest Hits!" released together with the support of JS DUBS ( performing as the Safehouse-Era line-up of Cape Sound.

Both Clark and Oatman are currently living in Santa Cruz, rehearsing, gigging, and making plans for future albums, both individually and together.

King Kraken
Santa Cruz

Deep down in the ocean, where no light shines and fish are sparse, there exists a beast with eight tentacles and countless children. From his dwelling in the farthest depths of the abyss, the King Kraken ruled over the seas with a slippery, tentacle-y grip, undisturbed by human hands. That is, until one day, when a group of intrepid explorers, determined to discover the mysteries of the ocean, descended in a brass bathysphere equipped with all of the necessary tools of a modern scientist (instruments, if you will). There, they came upon the majestic overlord of the octopuses, the sire of all squids, the King Kraken. It spoke to them in an ancient and forgotten tongue, telling them, "You, my sons, will return to the surface with a message for all humanity and beast alike--SKA!!!!!!!!!"

Digging For China

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday w/ Dun Bin Had, Preachers That Lie, & Utter Failure @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday February 22nd

Wednesday February 22nd 2012

Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

Preachers That Lie
Punk Rock
San Jose

We were (and are) punk, mostly drunk (still true) and Richie stunk (and still does). Why change what works?

Present lineup:

"Stinky" Rich Foster - vocals
Dean "Punker" Carrico - Drums
"Buffalo" Ben Burns - Bass
Dover - Guitar

Hall of Fame/Shame (all dates are best estimates):

Rob "Jill" Farmer - Guitar (’90-’91 & ’94-’95, ’05, 2009-2010)
Brian Snapp - Bass (’86 - ’93)
Michelle Mallinger - Guitar (’91-’93)
Pat Healy - Guitar (’87-’89)
Sean Denton - Guitar (’86)
Ian Graves - Guitar (’86)
Greg Watson - Bass (’94)
Tom Sloan - Guitar for our 1st show @ Gilman St. June 18, 1987
Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) - Guitar For 1 show @ Gilman St. Feb. 1989
San Jose

Krupted Peasant Farmers (KPF) were the lynchpin of the early 90s Southbay (San Jose) punk scene. They played fantastically hook-laden melodic punk that brings to mind Screeching Weasel, Articles of Faith and the great, but unsung German band, Neurotic Arseholes. Despite KPF's pop punk leanings, they band was fiercely political. Their lyrics were sometimes a bit goofy (Skyscrapers are the Erections of Corporations Fucking The Sky from "Society is Puking") but they were sincere in their disdain for capitalism, guns, meat, the military industrial complex, and the raping of the earth, and they wrote absolutely infectious dual-guitar harmonies. 

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


Salineros, J-Blaze, Savage Pros, The Won Ent, & YDMC @ The Blue Lagoon Friday February 3rd

Friday February 3rd 2012

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


Whiskey Wednesday w/ Beaver Fever, Smoking Ponys, & The Phantom Pains @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday January 25th

Wednesday January 25th 2012

Beaver Fever
Power Pop
Santa Cruz

Beaver Fever is a San Francisco Bay Area Butch Power Pop Trio
giving us songs about girl on girl action, sex, love, romance & nights at the bar that all the dykes long to hear...

Smoking Ponys
Melodramatic Popular Song / Post Punk / Rock
Santa Cruz

The Phantom Pains
Surf / Garage
Santa Cruz

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00