Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday w/ Dun Bin Had, Preachers That Lie, & Utter Failure @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday February 22nd

Wednesday February 22nd 2012

Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

Preachers That Lie
Punk Rock
San Jose

We were (and are) punk, mostly drunk (still true) and Richie stunk (and still does). Why change what works?

Present lineup:

"Stinky" Rich Foster - vocals
Dean "Punker" Carrico - Drums
"Buffalo" Ben Burns - Bass
Dover - Guitar

Hall of Fame/Shame (all dates are best estimates):

Rob "Jill" Farmer - Guitar (’90-’91 & ’94-’95, ’05, 2009-2010)
Brian Snapp - Bass (’86 - ’93)
Michelle Mallinger - Guitar (’91-’93)
Pat Healy - Guitar (’87-’89)
Sean Denton - Guitar (’86)
Ian Graves - Guitar (’86)
Greg Watson - Bass (’94)
Tom Sloan - Guitar for our 1st show @ Gilman St. June 18, 1987
Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) - Guitar For 1 show @ Gilman St. Feb. 1989
San Jose

Krupted Peasant Farmers (KPF) were the lynchpin of the early 90s Southbay (San Jose) punk scene. They played fantastically hook-laden melodic punk that brings to mind Screeching Weasel, Articles of Faith and the great, but unsung German band, Neurotic Arseholes. Despite KPF's pop punk leanings, they band was fiercely political. Their lyrics were sometimes a bit goofy (Skyscrapers are the Erections of Corporations Fucking The Sky from "Society is Puking") but they were sincere in their disdain for capitalism, guns, meat, the military industrial complex, and the raping of the earth, and they wrote absolutely infectious dual-guitar harmonies. 

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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