Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fountain Of Bile, A Thousand Shall Fall, Vampirates, & Teraton @ The Catalyst Atrium Sunday 7/13/14

Sunday 7/13/14

Fountain Of Bile
Santa Cruz

Fountain of Bile is a new local Santa Cruz metal band. Beware the splash zone.

A Thousand Shall Fall
Santa Cruz

Emerging as a duo in the Summer of 2010 with the musical engineering prowess of Kevin Loftus and the guitar styling's of Dhruva Noel, A Thousand Shall Fall was a metal-based recording group with hopes of gaining a few more members and turning it into the real thing. In late August the duo became a formidable trio with the addition of Daniel Johnston, a highly skilled guitarist. With the addition of Dan A.T.S.F. found a direction for their music and added an important piece to their onslaught. In late 2010 Jesse Williams joined on vocals, and in early 2011 Gena Krupa joined the band to finalize the A.T.S.F. lineup. Currently in the process of composing, booking, and recording the band's sound is strongly melodic while simultaneously staying true to the heavy hitting rhythms they've all grown fond of. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming tracks online and look out for A Thousand Shall Fall coming to a city near you.

Public Service Punk Rock

"Then the Vampirates played and proceeded to absolutely beat the shit out of each other and simultaneously amaze and confuse the audience with the ferocity of the music and the barroom brawl vibe they have with each other. Bass player loses his strap and takes a knee mid-song so as to finish playing. Singer sees this and proceeds to barrel right into him with his shoulder and then, just in case that wasn't enough, kicks him while he's trying to play. Guitar player sees it and any rational person would go stop this violent mayhem with his band mates. Does he stop it? No, he runs and jumps right into them with the same abandon one would when one cannon balls into a pool. Only this isn't a pool. It's people and they're in your band." - Ryan Stark

Doom Metal
Santa Cruz

Teraton is a three member doom metal band from Santa Cruz Ca.
All three of Teraton's members were brought up in the Santa Cruz Skate/Surf music scene playing in bands in the early 90's, through high school, and continuing on today. Kevin Lemon (Bass) spent time playing bass for the Expendables' in the early years and left to pursue a career in music recording, engineering and production eventually engineering an album for ex Sleep members legendary band Om . He is our "man of action" getting the recordings done and has helped out many bands in and out of town and is ready to record your band! Just look up slow roasted recordings. J.T. (Drums) has smashed the drums in many different genre's of music through his life and is currently hitting the skins in three different groups in Santa Cruz. Besides Teraton, J.T. is in the legendary local die hard skate punk band Cantoker as well as keeping the beat for local folk rock group The Stash Brownstone Band. K.C. (Vocals/Guitar) spent time singing for the local punk band Jetlag throughout the 90's putting out a split E.P. with the Lonely Kings on Sessions Records. He moved to Portland Oregon to play guitar for DEADMANDISCO but they fell apart and he moved back and met up with the two other Teraton members and that's where the thunder began.
We are a doom metal band that started back in the end of 2006 and were formed over a shared love of heavy metal and beer. We are back and will be playing shows again this summer. We are working on a 7" record so I will keep you posted. Metal!! Yeeeaaarrrrggghh!!

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1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz