Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Headed Spy, Vulture King, & Space Labor Union @ The Blue Lagoon Monday September 26th

Monday September 26th 2011

Two Headed Spy
San Francisco, CA

We can't figure out if we rock super hard or just have too many friends who don't like to stay home to drink.
We are three guys playing 90s rock in the 2010s trying to balance the absurd with the heavy as f-ing balls. We're playing around San Francisco and the Bay Area AND we're available for bar mitzvahs!

Vulture King
Low - Heavy - Rock
Monterey, CA

Dark and heavy riffage on the cthonically low B, like a vapor of Scandinavian sorrow and garage-flavored rock'n'roll pushing its way into your soul...

VULTURE KING is a low heavy rock band from Monterey, California, driving a sound that mixes hard rock, metal, garage, and gothic, with the slow, low, Rock and Roll pulse of classic foundation bands like Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General. VULTURE KING is fronted by Danny Frank, a passionate baritone. Backing him up is Patrick Golden, pumping out soul-crushing low riffs on a seven-stringed axe and leading with soulful highs. And deep in the rhythm section are the heartbeating thunder of Daniel McCormick on bass and the percussive assault of Steve Lenard on drums.

Space Labor Union
Telepathic Neurojelly
Santa Cruz, CA


923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00

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