Friday, August 5, 2011

A Thousand Shall Fall, John The Cannibal, Feral Depravity, Fiends At Feast, & VX36 @ Calaveras Tattoo 8-3-11

Saturday September 3rd 2011

Emerging as a duo in the Summer of 2010 with the musical engineering prowess of Kevin Loftus and the guitar styling's of Dhruva Noel, A Thousand Shall Fall was a metal-based recording group with hopes of gaining a few more members and turning it into the real thing. In late August the duo became a formidable trio with the addition of Daniel Johnston, a highly skilled guitarist previously part of various local bands such as Descending Forth and others. With the addition of Dan A.T.S.F. found a direction for their music and added an important piece to their onslaught. In late 2010 Jesse Williams joined on vocals, and in early 2011 Gena Krupa joined the band to finalize the A.T.S.F. lineup. Currently in the process of composing, booking, and recording the band's sound is strongly melodic while simultaneously staying true to the heavy hitting rhythms they've all grown fond of. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming tracks on Myspace other sites and look out for A Thousand Shall Fall coming to a city near you in Summer 2011.
Ready to destroy
Born in the summer of 2007, out of a shared hatred of mankind and thirst to find humor in it all. Three dudes looking to highlight the darkest and more hilarious endevours of the human race.
Archfiends spread extreme metal virus throughout S.C.

By Kevin Johnson

Spewing possessed ballads of darkness and evil, local blackened death metal act Fiends at Feast aim to slay all evangelical mongrels who oppose them in their quest for dominance and extreme metal glory.

The local Santa Cruz archfiends are arguably the darkest and heaviest force within the region, and by foraging a wicked synthesis of black and death metal, the sinful 5-man outfit winds their sonic mayhem into superbly vile sound that is relatively unheard of within the local music scene. Unfortunately, the fiends are a big fish in a small pond, but they are striving to expand their listener base beyond the confinement of Santa Cruz County.

The evocative harmonies produced by the leather adorned heathens induce visions of brutal Viking warfare and primal feelings of rage and disharmony. Once surging through your veins, the viciousness of Fiends at Feast will unceremoniously devour your soul and leave you begging for more.

“We are obviously on the outer realm of music; very esoteric and cryptic. Musically, I like to combine very dark, haunting melodies with the heaviness and brutality of more stapled death metal, but also draw things in from black metal as well” explains guitarist Azazel. “Fiends at Feast has come out with new blueprint of music combined with all the tastes of the band” says Loki, vocals. “One word… Extreme” articulates guitarist Sammer `The Barbarian’.

Fiends at Feast incorporates demonic visuals matched by poignant melodies, racing tempos, grisly vocals, cruelly complex bass lines, and crushing guitars. The fiends find a signature sound by incorporating elements from black metal such as tremolo picking and depressing melodies with aspects from death metal such as heavy riffage and blast beats. The blasphemous head-bangers further break the boundaries of extreme metal by adding experimental phases throughout their impious tracks.

The band was founded by guitarists Sammer `The Barbarian’ and Azazel out of The Barbarian’s bedroom in 2008. Bassist Nathan Nunes and vocalist Loki joined weeks after band had begun writing original material. After two previous drummers had left the band, the fiends met up with their new drummer Trevor, a.k.a. Marloc, in September of this year, thus completing the current lineup.

The blackened hearts of Fiends at Feast often remain stagnant, but the fury of extreme metal ignites a flame of passion and a burning dedication within their callous souls. “Metal is a very powerful form of music, and I feel that if you view music in a purely expressive way, metal more accurately reflects the world around us than say, pop music… the world is not a happy place; there is war, hate, and anger all the time” says Azazel.

“Metal has everything I like about music. It’s aggressive but it also incorporates so many different styles of music; listen to bands like Obscura and you can hear lots of jazz influence. Brutality is great, but the level of creativity in metal is as high as you can take it” says Nunes.

“Playing metal allows me to express myself with no boundaries; I can express hate, love and just be myself. I’m metal to the bone, I was born with the virus of metal and I will die that way” reflects Loki.

The aggressive music disgorged from the bowels of the underworld and resurrected by Fiends at Feast surfaces only from dedication and hard work. It’s no surprise that extreme metal is under appreciated and difficult to play, but for the fiends metal is a way of life. Through dedication and commitment the baneful specters will spread the metal virus throughout Santa Cruz and beyond.

Emerging onto the metal scene in 2004 as a 3-piece, VX36 started growing a fan base and recognition from all. With crushing tunes and powerful lyrics they stand at the doorstep of magnitude. Through the hardships and good times it seems the band keeps growing stronger even with the changing of members in 2008. Staying together as a 2-piece they have the heart, drive, and dedication to take over the scene and become one of Metal's hardest working bands with their DIY attitude and drive they stand to become a staple in the music community. Like many bands before, VX36 has the work-ethic, musical instincts and determination. Come to a show and say no more! Rock ON!!!

20991 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA

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