Tuesday, November 1, 2011

At Risk, Russ Rankin, Heartsounds, Alcatraz, Fast Asleep, Wolves And Thieves, & Ecophagy @ The 418 Project Saturday November 19th

Saturday November 19th 2011

At Risk
Hardcore Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

Spencer Biddiscombe- Voice
Tom Arnott- Bass
Dustin Roth- Drums
Jim Sandeen- Guitar
Paul Ehat- Guitar
Matt Burdick- Roadie

Past members..
Chris Jones, Ryan Fassler, Donald Scully, James, Flo Heaver, Dave to Fly

Russ Rankin
Stripped-down Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

Former vocalist for Good Riddance, current vocalist for Only Crime.

Punk Rock
San Francisco

Heartsounds came into being after the demise of Light This City, when Ben Murray and Laura Nichol decided to pursue their passion for punk rock by writing and recording a full length record consisting of 12 fast and melodic tracks.


San Francisco

Justin - vocals
Manuel - guitar
Kyle - guitar
P- nut - bass
Edski - drums

Fast Asleep
Thrash Punk
Santa Cruz

3 dudes that wanna play some thrash.
Danny B plays the guitar/vocals and has played in several bands like All You Can Eat...those dudes were cool. Andy G played his drums in the Nerve Agents and a couple other bands. He's Nice and he plays drums in Fast Asleep now. Yes. Chuck Platt started out playing in cheap punk bands in Long Beach, Ca then was in Good Riddance after moving up to SC. well....he's ready to get back to his roots and play some fast punk. Bass/Vocals. Get it? Live it, Get Livid! FAST ASLEEP!

Wolves And Thieves
Rock / Punk
East Bay

we came. we saw. we kicked it's ass.

Santa Cruz

Ecophagy is a young hardcore band from Santa Cruz, CA. All between the ages of 16 and 18, Ecophagy has progressed through many styles and sounds since their formation in 2009. They blend hardcore punk (Trash Talk, Ceremony, etc.) and metalcore/deathcore (Despised Icon, Whitechapel, etc.) to create a sound that is all its own.
They have played many shows all around the Bay Area with bands from labels such as Century Media, Rise, Equal Vision, Mediaskare, and many other major labels in the scene.
Their debut EP "Of Extinction" was released in August of 2011

The 418 Project

418 Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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