Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Arc, Wanderdusk, CODA, & Clay Collar @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday December 14th

Wednesday December 14th 2011

Old Arc
Psych/Funk/Trip hop/Visual
Santa Cruz
In the forgotten days of the old arc, an epileptic hallucination of two musical spirits battling it out in an ancient colosseum of godly funk, rages on. Only after the truth of human serenity has been exposed like an open quake in the heart of the earth, will the warrior within, truly begin, to boogie down.
Stay calm soul brother.

In the back briars of every echo, between each single blade of grass shivering for sight in the stars sinister eve, sits our lips projection; guarding twilight, birthing nostalgia. WE are the dreamers that tread lightly through twilight; dreamers that dissipate into Pablo’s ink. We are shades cool lull, bouncing notion off association, silhouettes, ambient light woven over distant conversation.

Daybreaks us back, human, the task at hand. Navigating through the civilized breath of the engineers aposematic intent. Such fear keeps these civic arteries from ceasing to flow, such fear imposes purpose we never wanted, a dark scream.

This art form, all take part in. It’s the breakdown, the processing of every second of information, stored in individual, unique interpretation.

Pablo’s citric ink, a lucid home, a wanderdusk.
from the corners of our eyes, liitlefoote, txtyle and sayonara, and amoeba

Santa Cruz

Clay Collar
Santa Cruz

Clay L. Chollar grew up in a very creative household in Santa Cruz where he was saturated by art and music from day one.
Clay likes to Whomp It! often blending soft melodies with deep wobbling bass, ontop a Thumping Glitched out Beat.Ranging styles from Triphop Dubbstep Glitch and Experimental.. Coming from a background of playing bass in a band for years, the heavy bass oriented music came natural. Currently Working on a all original AV set that will include Live Visuals of his Art & Videos projected with all my Original Music, blending into a seemless Multi-Dimensional experience that can take you on a journey...
Manifest your Dreams!!

The Blue Lagoon
923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors at 9:00
Show @ 9:30


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