Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Redlight District, Strawberry Girls, Michael Glines, Coyote, & Space Labor Union @ The Blue Lagoon Friday January 20th

Friday January 20th 2012

The Redlight District
Psychedelic Rock And Roll
Santa Cruz

Sex on acid.

Strawberry Girls
Aggressive Groove
Salinas / Monterey

Strawberry Girls began as a duo in April 2011 when Ben (drums) and Zachary (guitar) decided to attempt writing music together for fun. It worked so well that they decided to keep writing and eventually performed together. Immediately after their first performance, Ian Jennings (bass) excitedly approached the two of them and shouted, "I wanna be a Strawberry Girl!" The Girls then proceeded to look into his heart. Upon seeing that it was pure, they agreed to grant his wish. While recording their first EP, a fellow commoner by the name of Caleb Ellison (keyboard) offered up his Moog Voyager as a sacrifice to the Girls' cause. Moved by Caleb's offering, the Girls allowed him to enter into their cult and was quickly placed in charge of filling gaps with his analog butter. Not much else is known about their story, aside from the above, which was passed down over time via word of mouth. If you know of any errors in this story, please contact us immediately. Thank you for coming. ~ The Girls

Michael Glines
Acoustic Pop

Crunchy Delicious
Santa Cruz

self-sabotage, roaches...

Space Labor Union
Telepathic Neurojelly
Santa Cruz

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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