Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Thousand Shall Fall, Mordor, & Eviscerate @ The Catalyst Atrium Thursday February 9th

Thursday February 9th 2012

Santa Cruz

Daniel Johnston: Lead Guitar
Kevin Loftus: Bass
Dhruva Noel: Rhythm Guitar
Jesse Williams: Voice
Gena Krupa: Drums

Emerging as a duo in the Summer of 2010 with the musical engineering prowess of Kevin Loftus and the guitar styling's of Dhruva Noel, A Thousand Shall Fall was a metal-based recording group with hopes of gaining a few more members and turning it into the real thing. In late August the duo became a formidable trio with the addition of Daniel Johnston, a highly skilled guitarist previously part of various local bands such as Descending Forth and others. With the addition of Dan A.T.S.F. found a direction for their music and added an important piece to their onslaught. In late 2010 Jesse Williams joined on vocals, and in early 2011 Gena Krupa joined the band to finalize the A.T.S.F. lineup. Currently in the process of composing, booking, and recording the band's sound is strongly melodic while simultaneously staying true to the heavy hitting rhythms they've all grown fond of. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming tracks on Myspace other sites and look out for A Thousand Shall Fall coming to a city near you in 2012.

Rock & Roll
Santa Cruz

We are a Local band from Santa Cruz. In this group we are all about having fun and playing good music. So we hope you enjoy.

Death Metal
Santa Cruz

Eviscerate has been slaying riffs in the underground death metal scene of the south bay, most notably Santa Cruz for six years. We have released a demo and are currently working on our full length album.

1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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