Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arden Park Roots, The Decoyz, & Take 1 @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 6/29/12

Sacramento, California

“Arden Park Roots” is a reggae/rock/punk band based out of Sacramento, CA. Awards include "Best Album 2008" by the Sacramento News & Review, Sacramento Music Awards "Sammies", 2008, 2009, 2011 and the 2009, 2010 SacShows awards for best reggae band.

Santa Rosa, California

Craigslist brought us all together. Craig should really start a record label. We've been making fun music for a year and a half now and we've become family in the process. We've taken all of our influences as individuals and blend our styles together for a sound that goes down smooth. We love supporting our musical community, we're not in competition with anyone.
We've only just begun.
If Sublime and Pepper had a love child, but they let Unwritten Law and The Expendables raise it, we would be that child. We play music because we love it and because it loves us back unconditionally. We've created The Decoyz because the everyday grind is bland and tasteless, boring and we don't particularly enjoy having day jobs. We fit well with an array of genres and musical styles: All types of reggae, ska, hip hop, punk rock, acoustic reggae and rock, etc. We're always experimenting to evolve our sound, we'll try anything at least once!
We've been privileged to perform alongside many talents artists. Local, regional, national and international acts like Kevin Never Talks, Counter Culture, Trevor Lyon, Highest Intention, Ancient Mystic, Sky I w/ Inner Riddim, Ras Indio, Skunk Funk Soundsystem,Hollow Ln., Prezident Brown, Jr. Toots, Wisdom, Arden Park Roots, Rocker T w/ Fyah Squad Band, Mendo Dope, Mystic Roots, Dj Ignite and more!
We really just want to enjoy ourselves and spread some good cheer. Surround ourselves with good people and good music. The journey is more worthy than the destination and we're always up for an adventure.

Reggae/Ska/ Rockers
Boulder Creek, California

Take 1's music is a blend of many styles. With influences ranging from Bob Marley to Black Sabbath, there is no keeping this band in a box. The rhythmic and soulful saxaphone playing of Brian Valdivia is a very unique and notable feature. HIs smooth melodies are perfectly complimented by the strong and steady grooves played by Marcus Thayer on the drums, Jon Golling on the bass and Yeshe Jackson on guitar. You might get into the strong rhythm and think you've got them pinned as a reggae dance band... but then they completely transform into a high energy ska or punk group that plays with amazing precision. The flow of the music keeps things interesting to say the least. But beyond just being fun to listen to, Take 1's music creates an atmosphere of positivity and acceptance, where people are free to enjoy the good vibes.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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