Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Ghost Of Wrights, Crazy Eyes, & Animal Super Species @ The Blue Lagoon Tuesday 10/9/12

Tuesday 10/9/12

Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

In the 1880’s a railroad was completed that traversed the Santa Cruz Mountains. This was accomplished with the construction of a small number of tunnels that connected the small towns and communities that dotted the countryside between the Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz. One of these communities was the train depot of Wrights Station.
The railroad was shut down in the 1940’s with the entrances to the tunnels blown up. As a result these small communities dwindled and disappeared becoming ghost towns. Although little remains today but crumbling stone and overgrown foundations, the souls of these towns and tunnels linger on to this day… We are The Ghost of Wrights.


Animal Super Species
Whatever you want it to be
Santa Cruz

We make music in our basement/cave/dungeon.
Our brand new debut album is streaming online here: http://animalsuperspecies.bandcamp.com/ 
where you can also download the new single "Leave It Dead" and our first EP, Phobos, for free!
You can also listen to and download tracks from here: http://soundcloud.com/animal-super-species

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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