Monday, September 3, 2012

The Redlight District, Callow, & Ant Lion @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 9/7/12

Friday 9/7/12

Psychedelic Rock and Roll
Santa Cruz
Sex on acid

Indie Rock
San Francisco

A commanding amalgam of ambient indie art rock, driven by emotive vocals, haunting atmospheres, and gritty, poignant guitar.  Red's raw contralto is reminiscent of Vic Chestnutt while Sami creates a dark, primordial landscape with the simultaneous use of keyboard, percussion, and vocals. 
The two met at a house party in San Francisco in the fall of 2006, but didn't begin playing music together until 2009.  Red, who was playing in a jagged rock band at the time, wanted to strip back his approach to song-writing to emphasize the vocals, as he had done when composing score for college theater.  Sami, while dancing in a modern dance company and studying Haitian dance, gradually became more involved in the song-writing process and started playing drums.
Catapulted by a crashing economy, their philosophical and artistic perspectives came together, and a musical project was born.  They've been writing music and touring around the western US ever since.  Their musical influences include Built to Spill, Pink Floyd, The Black Heart Procession, and PJ Harvey.
Their debut album, Orb Weaver, was released in May, 2012 on NxNW Records.
"A raw contralto will get you far in the indie world, particularly if you specialize in songs about heartbreak, death, and the fallout after a bad relationship. Singer Red Moses has it. Whoever did him wrong paved the way for some forceful emo-folk, buoyed by heavy chords and portentous lyrics. Don't let the name fool you." - Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

Ant Lion

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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