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Hemorage, Opiate, Digma, A Thousand Shall Fall, Sharkfin, & Subcreature @ San Jose Rock Shop Friday 9/19/14

Hemorage, Opiate, Digma, A Thousand Shall Fall, Sharkfin, & Subcreature @ San Jose Rock Shop Friday 9/19/14
San Francisco
Hemorage was formed in 2007 by a group of friends at a high school in San Francisco, California. Members of Hemorage are Jon on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Toby on Rhythm Guitar/Bass/Vocals, and Beto on Drums/Vocals. From three different countries (Philippines, Cambodia, Guatemala), each were brought together by their musical interests and has persisted since then.
Three words best describe their sound: IN YOUR FACE. Their energy-filled stage presence is heavily influenced by metal and punk rock. Hemorage does not conform to one sound and at the same time maintains their described sound. Many who attend a Hemorage show say that they would have an intense and fun time.
Hemorage began their band playing covers at a batting cage room in high school. After a number of created songs, they began gaining recognition in 2010 when playing at a venue called Thee Parkside. On the same year, Hemorage’s fan base began to grow more playing frequent shows at the Submission (once name the Balazo). Since then, there is an increasing audience throughout the Bay Area and various places around the world for Hemorage.
As a member of Hemorage, it is important to stand up for what makes you truly happy and to go hard at it. The band has a strong Do-It-Yourself philosophy. They are also about the philosophy of by the people for the people. From Joey Voodoo’s interview, Hemorage creates their merchandise from their own hands independently. When it comes to putting themselves out there, they will do their hardest to promote themselves by putting flyers everywhere, handing out flyers at events, talking with the people at the shows.
We, Hemorage, don’t call our fans a fan; we call them friends no matter who they are. We love the thrill and excitement of playing on-stage as it gives just as much pleasure as the audience enjoying us, no matter how many attend. 
"Hemorage has built a great following in the San Francisco Bay Area with their tenacious DIY attitude and in your face metal music. Their hard work and great tunes has a fan base that is spreading throughout the US and across many international borders. These guys are some of the hardest working musicians I’ve seen. Bands like Hemorage deserve to be heard and the best thing about them, besides their music, is their attitude about not following the mainstream!" -Joey Voodoo
"Frantic metalcore band from right here in the bay area...the playing is top notch, the screaming, and the result of comes straight from the heart, so thumbs up!" -Maximum Rock n Roll
"They had a great intensity and great trash style...I found the singer/ lead guitar player interesting with a despicable me minion shirt and shorts but its cool to see someone be himself. I want to see these guys again for sure. They performed a cover of LMAFOs shots and had they house going crazy." -HaywardHC Underground Hardcore, Metal & Punk
"This San Franciscan band has really good performance, especially the vocals. What an awesome voice, that's the spirit! He's feelin'it it allright! What a hateful-spirited album! Dirty guitar sounds make the album like old school. There are 4 creatures in the album cover, which is black & white. It's kinda like grindcore album covers also there are grind riffs at the tracks. We wish Hemorage a successful career in their music life!" -Coffinfeeder Magazine from Bursa, Turkey
"Hemorage is an exciting hardcore punk band from San Francisco who are seemingly unafraid of letting their sound descend into pure chaos. Filled with crazed solos, powerful riffs and a general love of destruction Hemorage is a fun listen to say the least...the second you turn Hemorage onto the max you know you're in for a wild and scary ride that will rip your head off and toss it into the circle pit...if you're looking for a heavy punk band to throw your neck out headbanging too Hemorage is the band for you." -Two Guys Metal Reviews, France

Heavy Metal
Five piece groove metal band.
Austin Simpson - Guitar
Tyler Shovah - Guitar
David Munoz - Bass
Gage Killion - Drums
Tanner Hoag - Vocals

Scandinavian, Japanese, and American d-beat, crust, and hardcore
San Francisco
Filipino American d-beat band formed in the summer of 2009. 
- Fun Facts -
* We all met each other at San Francisco State University through our work in the community. 
* All of us have higher education backgrounds in social science and ethnic studies.
* Carlo's drum teacher was none other than Dawn Richardson of the 4 Non Blondes

Santa Cruz
Divergent, uncompromising, and absolutely punishing; Santa Cruz, California’s “A Thousand Shall Fall” stand poised to continue what they have done for years. Create music untethered to the whims of labels, magazines, or blogs. To create metal that is unafraid to experiment, to enjoy itself, and to humiliate the inadequacy of environment. “A Thousand Shall Fall” greeted 2013 with the release of “In the Shadow of the Mighty,” they continue their growth and evolution in 2014 with the release of “Horizon.” Having recently wrapped production of their latest release the band is currently hard at work cementing tour plans and crafting the band’s first full length album for 2015.

San Francisco
Sharkfin is a hardcore band from San Francisco with banshee screams and crushing riffs

Death Thrash
San Jose
Death Joe - Vokills
Lenny - Guitar
Corey - Drums

5 bux for Members , 6 bux for Non-Members.

30 N 3rd St, San Jose, California 95112


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