Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Elected Officials, Hate For State, The Blank Manuscript, & Hierosonic @ The Blue Lagoon Monday September 12th

Monday September 12th 2011

Punk Rock
Santa Fe, NM

Oldschool political punkrock from New Mexico. We rant about corporate corruption in governments all over the world, not mutually exclusive of our home country, the USA. We live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A state plagued with nepotism, corruption, corporate irresponsibility, home of the A-Bomb and plenty of other social dilemas. See our lyrical content to see what we really think..

Punk Hard Rock
Salinas, CA

Born at the turn of the millenium, HFS began playing shows before all members were old enough to be in the bars. Recording their first demo in their studio in the summer of '99. HFS has since recorded 2 more demos titled "Moving On" and "Padded Room" and 1 full length titled " Just Begun" released in 2007. HFS has toured the western US including CA, NV, OR, AR, NM and TX and has been featured on AMP TV, 103.9fm Santa Cruz X, and has played festivals including: Monterey Rock and Art Festival mainstage 4 years in a row, Salinas Growers Berry Bash 2010, The End '05 movie premiere and has placed top 10 in Your Music Magazines Battle of the Bands and Music Olympics events. Currently working on their 2nd full length album (not yet titled) set to release early 2011.

The Blank Manuscript
Progressive / Experimental
San Jose, CA

The Blank Manuscript is a band that has total disregard for the typical music structure of intro, verse, chorus, and outro. The Blank Manuscript incorporates a mix of rhythms from jazz, blues, metal, indie, cumbias, and more into their music. The songs address a combination of the band member’s philosophies about life, perspectives on social issues, and each individual’s personal experiences, as well as random thoughts. The Blank Manuscript started in the summer of 2005 with members José Leyva (guitar and vocals), Christian Montiel (drums), Matt Gonzales (keyboards), and Eduardo Daniel Montelongo (bass). Check out the The Blank Manuscript LIVE!!! Their shows are energetic, psychedelic, and powerful.

Alternative / Rock / Industrial / Electro-Pop / Experimental
Harrisburg, PA

"All your leaders fail to lead you when your lovers fail to love" -- says Hierosonic on their latest album, with no shortage of thought-provoking messages, dirty bass lines, and pop hooks. Originally conceived in 2002 out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the band's steady career has spanned more than 9 years and several hundred performances, solidifying the band as a staple within the realm of underground rock music.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00

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