Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eviscerate, Fiends At Feast, Entragian, Giant Of The Mountain, & Gods In Graves @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday September 14th

Wednesday September 14th 2011

Death Metal
Santa Cruz, CA

We are a santa cruz death metal band that has been at it for a while now, we are always looking to play shows, and more you love us the faster we play.

Balckened Death Metal
Santa Cruz, CA

Striking a luciferian bargain between black and death metal, Fiends at Feast sound like the hellish, gruesome aftermath of a street fight between Deicide and Marduk. The commanding, vicious vocals are a hateful diatribe against the feeble Nazarene, while the razor-wire guitars slash at his wrists and the rhythm section smashes his skull to smithereens. This is not the monotonous, over-produced faux-extreme metal that gets shoved down our throats on a daily basis. This is the real shit, the shit that makes you remember what you liked about black/death metal in the first place. It’s rough and hungry and reeks of a band putting their blood, sweat and even more blood into mastering their craft.

Death Metal
Santa Cruz, CA

In the summer of 1998, ENTRAGIAN (pronounced En-tray-jen) founding members, guitarists Matt Kotila, Phil Hoey, drummer Logan Kroeber and bassist Nate Kotila comprised a catalog of brutally raw, technically exhausting instrumentals, refining their skills performing for dives and local house parties. With the addition Max Eicholz on vocals, ENTRAGIAN would draw first blood at the Aptos Club October 13th, 2001. In 2003 unleashing the ROBES EP, recorded and co-produced by Zach Ohren, and a never-released/completed full-length album. ENTRAGIAN would go on to play countless shows in the bay area sharing the stage with the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Cattle Decapitation, Animosity and Origin, taking third place at the 2002 104.3 KMBY(the X) sponsored Battle of the Bands. Nate and Kroeber's departure in 2003 would slience ENTRAGIAN for almost 2 years, before an unannounced reunion on the same blood-stained stage where it all began. With drum-phenom Jimmy Giovacchini respectfully replacing Kroeber and Reuben Case completing the line-up, prepare for the UPCOMING NEW RELEASE

Blackened Progressive Sludge Metal
Plano, TX

Like the beast of seven heads emerging from the darkest depths of the ocean, Giant of the Mountain has ascended upon mankind with its Crushing delivery of Blackened Progressive Sludge metal

Black Metal Doom Metal Death Metal
Salinas, CA

Gods in Graves formed in late 2007 under the name Skin Canvas. Since then they have been putting on shows in the Monterey County area and in the Santa Cruz area. Debut album is in the works.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Doors 8:00
Show 9:00

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