Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Planet Plow, Drifting Compass, & Attik Door @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday December 28th

Wednesday December 28th 2011

Planet Plow
Santa Cruz

Guitarist Garrett Schultz, and bassist Thomas Sakoda, were brought together by their mutual friend and drummer, David Crawford, in early 2010 at a shared rehearsal space in Santa Cruz, CA. Their eclectic sound is derived from each of their different musical influences and backgrounds. Garrett's heavy rock-rooted riffs peppered with spine-tingling blues leads and a thirst for blood intertwine with the gritty metal-funk fury arising from Thomas' unholy bass lines. All of these sounds become one when backed by Dave's explosive freestyle hip-hop influenced beats which can be dwarfed by nothing other than his own charisma. The psychedelic punk rock power trio's die-hard attitude, refusal of genre restrictions, and pledge to play only the pure music coupled with their willingness to play energetic live shows anywhere, anytime quickly garnished them a solid underground local fanbase. After the haze has finally cleared and the ears have stopped ringing their message becomes engrained in the mind of any who have bared witness:

We will take you through time and space - to Planet Plow.

Drifting Compass
Rock / Alternative / Folk Rock
Santa Cruz

DRIFTING COMPASS is a high-energy rock band made up of Santa Cruz Area musicians with many years of performance experience. The all-original rock music is filled with memorable lyrics and catchy hooks, blending into a unique and hauntingly-familiar style. The individual performers bring together different styles from their musical backgrounds to focus on fresh original songs. The result is powerful and infectious!

Attik Door
Alternative Rock
San Francisco

Emerging in early 2011, Attik Door encompasses variety of musical styles to create a unique rock/alternative feel. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists from Led Zeppelin and System of a Down to Sade and Black Eyed Peas, this band will treat you to a unique sound of equal measure melodic and heavy riffs. The band members all come from the various corners of the former USSR, locking in the culture lost and fusing it with present musical trends. The songs are predominantly done in English, ensuring interest of as wide of an audience as possible.

Lead by solo guitarist Alex, the band consists of Liana on vocals, Rita on bass, Tim on rhythm guitar/bass and Slava behind drums, Attik Door will be performing live in Spring/Fall 2011 during various San Francisco Bay Area events.

The Blue Lagoon
923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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