Thursday, November 24, 2011

Requiem For The Dead, Based On A True Story, & Doors To No Where @ The Blue Lagoon Friday December 16th

Friday December 16th 2011

Requiem For The Dead
Audio Porn
Santa Cruz

Punk rock kids at heart with the love and passion for industrial, pop rock, and metal. We do not follow any scene. We write and play because we love doing it...

We sing. We hit guitar and bass strings. We smash drums. We melt faces...

Steve- Vocals
Ty- Guitar/Programming
Fin- Bass
Bobby- Guitar
Chris- Drums

Based On A True Story
Heavy Rock
Ben Lomond

Based on a True Story is

Michael Wiggins- Vocals

Joe Sakoda- Rythm guitar

Gabe Luboff - Lead guitar

Jeremy Shriver Munch- bass

Gevan Snavely- drums

Doors To No Where
Santa Cruz

In a time where the music world is run by money, image and commercialism. Where it is more important how you look then how your music sounds. What ever happened to music that actually meant something? Music that has a message? Music that is truly empowering? Doors To No Where is not pretty, they are not hip or gangster. They are not fashion icons or VIP’s in clubs. Doors To No Where is an old-school band from Santa Cruz, California that believes music comes before image. The blend of punk, desert rock and metal make for a dangerous combination that is constantly on the verge of explosion. Doors To No Where’s music channels danger, energy and passion. Their influences are life, love, joy, sorrow and anger.

Marc Lewis, Sean Sanford, Peter Testorff

The Blue Lagoon
923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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