Monday, December 19, 2011

Eliquate's "Who the F**K is Eliquate?" EP Release Party featuring: Eliquate, Boostive, & Dynamic Truth @ The Blue Lagoon Saturday January 14th

Saturday January 14th 2012

Live Hip Hop/Funk/Party Music with Purpose
Santa Cruz

All of the current members of Eliquate have been practicing independently for most of their lives but finally came together through the initial collaboration of Elliot Wright and Jamie Schnetzler in 2008 to become the live experience it is today. Wright found an interest in writing and MC'ing towards the end of high school and began feverishly recording as much as possible over mostly self-produced garage band tracks. Schnetzler started off playing guitar for a local band High Society which gained some notoriety opening for established locals such as Dub congress and the Expendables.

By spring 2009, Eliquate (then solely consisting of Jamie and Elliot) was being offered shows. But the iPod just wasn't cutting it as back-up. Something was missing. Shortly after, the two began having sit-ins for drums, bass, and dj positions, but it wasn't until late 2009 that a consistent backing of a band finally transpired to write and perform music together.

With the addition of Cosmo Stevens, founder of Oak Park, on bass, Dan Wells, inventor of DMT, on drums, and Tanner Christiansen, specializing in synthesis of sampling and light/visual manipulation, as well as keys and percussion, Eliquate has solidified themselves throughout Santa Cruz and the greater San Francisco Bay area.

In 2009, Wright traveled to Philadelphia to compete in the National Slam Poetry Contest, earning a highly respectable 5th place. Having performed with Del, Souls of Mischief, RJD2, and members of the Living Legends, Zion-I, Nickatina, and Murs, Eliquate brings a flavorful new taste to the hip-hop table. Drawing inspiration from the personal, political, and social consciousness, Eliquate's essence is more than just about the music- it's insightful and intelligent— an agent of change in the midst of a genre that has been largely deluged by emcees who merely spit rhymes.

While the soul of their music is raw and meaningful, their performance is energetic and tangible. To see Eliquate live is to experience what hip-hop can once again be: Live, Tight, and Passionate...

Hip Hop / Dubhop / Experimental
Santa Cruz

boostive(boo-stiv) is a 6 piece live collective rooted in santa cruz california.
With a blend of hip hop,world, and heavy dub reggae boostive creates a new sound they like to call dub-hop.
feelin it?
find more boostive music by our producer and bassist Sage at

Dynamic Truth
World Music

This music was written for everyone. It seeks to open minds and embody an appreciation of the Bay Area's diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and musical genres. Transcending social categories, this music presents a familiar message, one of strength, unity, gratitude, and essentially a love of life. This is the Dynamic Truth.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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