Monday, December 19, 2011

Hip Hop Showcase Presented by Compton Brothers Inc. featuring: Proper Nonsense, Highest Intentions, & Transoceana @ The Blue Lagoon Friday December 30th

Friday December 30th 2011

Proper Nonsense
Hip Hop / Reggae / Rock
San Jose

Proper Nonsense aka, Prop NON Clik was formed in the summer of 2008 when 3 rebelious mcees from the south side of San Jose California, named Obslurrd, C-section sal, and Du Rite decided it was time to finally join forces and let the world feel the wrath of 3 kidz that have constantly been outcasted and under estimated in this fake ass society. We have to create our own scene and our own reality because we don't fit in anywhere.we're the outcasts of the fuckin' outcasts, we're not underground, we are in the depths of hell.we're not artsy enough for the hip-hop heads,we're not hard enough for the real g's,we're not hyphy enough for the bay kids, and we're not commercial enough for the gay kids, ya dig? We love all music from rap to metal, from reggae to punk, and when you listen to our music you will hear elements of everything cuz thats what we are..Everything and nothing all at the same time.If there is a message in our music it's personal freedom.Just be yourself at all cost and dont give a fuck about what people think or what the people around you are doing, just do YOUR thing.Our music is generally about life, and just having a good time while you're here.If you like to party your fuckin ass off and not be pushed around or held down by all the moron thugs in this society then you just might be down 4 the Prop NON Clik.We are just 3 normal dudes that love to live life and won't stand for the norm, we weren't put here to slave a 9-5 and be confined to what's expected.We were put here to do this thing called Nonsense, done Properly that is...much luv. -Proper Nonsense

Highest Intentions
San Francisco

Band formed Jan 1, 2011.
up and coming highest intention!!! soon to be released new dub album featuring Scientist the Dub Legend!

Santa Cruz

We play a variety of styles from heavy rock to acoustic jams, and most importantly we want to get out there and show the world what we got!
Listen and enjoy!

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00


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