Thursday, October 18, 2012

La Plebe, The Old Firm Casuals, The Forgotten, & Custom Fit @ The Blue Lagoon Saturday 11/3/12

Saturday 11/3/12

La Plebe
San Francisco

...Somos la plebe; pero no la plebe de los faraones, mústia y doliente; ni la plebe de los césares, abyecta y servil; ni la plebe que bate palmas al paso de Porfirio Díaz. Somos la plebe rebelde al yugo; somos la plebe de Espártaco, la plebe con que Münzer proclama la igualdad, la plebe que con Camilo Desmoulíns aplasta la Bastilla, la plebe que con Hidalgo incendía Granaditas, somos la plebe que con Juárez sostiene la reforma. Somos la plebe que despierta en medio de la francachela de los hartos y arroja a los cuatro vientos como un trueno esta frase inolvidable: "¡Todos tenemos derecho a ser libres y felices!"
--Texto extraido del libro "La Revolución Mexicana", página 12, Ricardo Flores Magón. Julio de 1907.
We try to be a hard working independent band...
We play different places...
Please see our "Events" Section...
AND please come to a show...
Somos una banda independiente...
Tocamos seguido...
Por favor visiten nuestra sección de "Eventos"
Y Nos vemos en los toquines...
MUCHAS Gracias!!! Blagodarya!!! Mutzumesk!!! Hvala!!! Fala!!! Merci!!! WE Thank you!!!
Salamat!!! Salúd!!! Cheers!!! Prost!!! Na zdrave!!! Noroc!!! Ziveli!!! Na zdravje!!!

The Old Firm Casuals
San Francisco

"The Old Firm Casuals" are an American street punk band from San Francisco, Ca. They have released 7" eps on Oi! The Boat Records and Randale Records. The band members are: Casey Watson (bass & vocals) who was in Hardcore bands "LOOK BACK AND LAUGH" & "NEVER HEALED": Paul Rivas (drums & vocals)drums from "NEVER HEALED" : Lars Frederiksen (guitar & vocals) Who's currently in "RANCID" (and always will be) & LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS"

The Forgotten

The Forgotten is an American punk rock band based in Campbell, CA. The Forgotten have toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan numerous times and continues to play locally and tour abroad. Currently The Forgotten are playing locally and writing new material for the next full-length record. The Forgotten appear every year at Punk Rock Bowling Tournament/Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. All current members of The Forgotten belong to the SKUNX.
The Forgotten started in 1997.[1] The band started by singer Gordy Carbone, guitarist Craig Fairbaugh, bassist Ken Helwig and drummer Shea Roberts was signed as the second band ever to TKO Records where they currently have 4 full lengths and 3 EP's.[2] The Forgotten has also have releases on BYO records[3] (CA, USA), Knockout Records (DE), Coretex Records (DE) and People Like You Records (DE) and have appeared on numerous compilation and tribute albums. Dave Kashka joined in 1999 on drums, Johnny (Bleachedjeans) Gregurich joined in May 2000 on bass. The band toured heavily throughout Europe, the US and Japan from 2000-2003 building a loyal and growing following. After guitarist Craig Fairbaugh left the band in late 2003 and moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue a solo music career, Johnny shifted over to guitar after many unsuccessful guitar player tryouts by the band. Nick (Ugly) Schuneman joined in November 2006 on bass.
The current line-up since late 2006 consists of Gordy Carbone, Johnny Gregurich, Dave Kashka and Nick Schuneman. The Forgotten have 4 full length albums, 4 EP/LP's and two versions of a Greatest Hits compilation. Rancid's Lars Frederiksen has produced three works by The Forgotten: Class Separation EP, Veni Vidi Vici LP and the Self Titled CD 'The Forgotten'. Gordy Carbone also plays and records with Lars Frederiksen in Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards[4]
The Forgotten has played shows and/or toured with Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen, The Casualties, U.S. Bombs, GBH, Oxymoron, Agnostic Front, The Business, Madball, Cock Sparrer, Anti-Nowhere League, The Adicts, Nashville Pussy, Demented Are Go, Slayer, Anti-Heros, Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Ignite, Misftis, Sham 69, Cro-Mags, Earth Crisis, U.K. Subs, One Man Army and Stiff Little Fingers.

Custom Fit
Santa Cruz

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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