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The Devil Himself, Dimidium, & Doors To No Where @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 10/19/12

Friday 10/19/12

Alternative Metal/Hard Rock
Santa Cruz

The Devil Himself is a high energy alternative metal 4-piece, featuring Dave Christensen (lead vocals/guitar), Dan Burnham (guitars/vocals), Mike King (bass/vocals) and Jason Goldberg (drums). Formed in 2006 in Santa Cruz, California. We have been waiting for you. Check us out on iTunes or

Metal / Melodic / Rock
Morgan Hill

Dimidium is a melodic metal band that is carving it's way through the scene with a passion. Formed in 2005, Dimidium has played numerous venues all over California including the world famous Whiskey a Go-Go in Hollywood, to The Avalon is Santa Clara. With musicianship and technicality to match their unrivaled energy and emotion on stage, the band is primed for the mainstream. Mixing aspects from genres like hard rock, jazz, funk, blues and metal, their signature style has permeated to fans of most every type of music.
Dimidium has released two LPs to date: Passive Aggression, released in 2007, and Beneath The Surface released in 2011. Both albums have been well received by fans, and have drawn attention from local/college radio stations, newspapers and magazines. With an already established presence online, and a strong fan base throughout central California, Dimidium will stop at nothing until their brand of metal has been brought to the masses!

Santa Cruz

Doors To No Where’s Marc Lewis announced that the bands forthcoming album will be Titled “Lucky You”.  The album, which is due to come out soon, will feature eleven tracks and also is the bands first effort with rock drumming legend Pete Testorff. (Vincent’s Ear)  We recently caught up with Marc to get some of his thoughts on his bands new record.
What can we expect from DTNW’s new record?
You can expect a balls to the wall rock album. Big guitar riffs, big drums and driving bass.  I’m really extremely proud of this record!  I think right now the band is firing on all cylinders and the infusion of Pete on drums has really taken us up a level.  We had a album written with our previous drummer, but he bailed.  We got Pete to fill in on some live shows and things just clicked.  Next thing you know we are writing new songs and got in a studio to record “Lucky You”.
What’s next for you and the band?
We will go out and support “Lucky You” with some blistering live shows and get that record out there. It’s a great album full of great songs. I want to get this record herd. But I’m always writing and tinkering with new riffs.  I’m currently writing material for an acoustic EP.  This project is going to be very fun. We are going to have special guest musicians & producers involved with us. I can’t wait to say who those guests are.  We got some big names and very talented people on board.   I hope to have that out sometime mid-summer. I’m also going to be working with my friend MacJar on some stuff for his solo record.  I will be laying down some bass and guitar.
How proud are you of your buddy Chris Rene?
I could not be any more freaking proud!! Like I said on the X-Factor, Chris has become a voice and inspiration to so many people! I honestly think that some people are born to be Super Stars.  Chris is one of those people. He has always had the talent! There is no doubt about that. All he needed was to focus and lead a healthy life style. On April 20th it will be one year clean and sober!  I cannot tell you enough how special that is!

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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