Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lonely Kings, Requiem For The Dead, The Backup Razor, & Horseneck @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 11/16/12

Friday 11/16/12


Live loud rock and roll since 1994!

Audio Porn
Santa Cruz

Punk rock kids at heart with the love and passion for industrial, pop rock, and metal. We do not follow any scene. We write and play because we love doing it...

We sing. We hit guitar and bass strings. We smash drums. We melt faces...

Punk Rock
Santa Cruz, California

Driven by a genuine passion for expression, TBR has a resume that would put some of the most tenured bands to shame. Sharing stage with literally hundreds of artists and myriads of venues, the rebel quartet has become an established entity across the region as a member and driver on the local scene.

Rock / Metal / Doom

All we want to do is drink and rock. We have one goal and that is to write the music we write and have a fucking good time doing it. We all have played in a bunch of other bands but who really cares. We just hope you like what we do now. Listen to us hopefully we will play for you, and if we do, lets drink and party together.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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