Monday, January 7, 2013

Time Spills, Pillars Of Hercules, & Resistance Is Futile @ The Blue Lagoon Friday 1/11/13

Friday 1/11/13

Time Spills
Psychedelic Afro Fuzz Funk

Pillars Of Hercules
San Jose

Progressive Metalcore from San Jose, Ca. We are currently working on our album "Swallowed by the Seas" due for release in March.
We began as a studio project in 2009. We're working on an album that we will hopefully have complete by early 2013 titled "Swallowed by the Seas". It includes songs we've been writing and developing over the last few years. We've got much more in the works and plenty of tricks up our sleeves. Stay tuned!

Resistance Is Futile

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz


$5 9:00PM 21+ Full Bar!
*Set times subject to change based on load in/out, actual lengths of set, etc...
No underage drinking, smoking, and absolutely NO DRUGS!
"So go comb your hair, fix your lipstick, grab your dancin shoes, and come Rock'n'Roll with us! See you at the show!"
Any other questions or comments can be posted here, or on our page

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