Sunday, January 6, 2013

Truckstop Darlin', Burnt Palms, & Dead Remote @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 1/9/13

Wednesday 1/9/13

Truckstop Darlin'
Mountain Grunge
Portland, Oregon

Truckstop Darlin’ comes out of the amazing music scene of the Great Northwest, more specifically, Portland, Oregon. Despite being loud and thundering, Truckstop Darlin' wear their hearts on their sleeves; if Wilco grew up listening to Lucero's harder moments, it might sound something like this. Their live shows are a sweaty, fist-pumping riot soaked in cheap beer and whiskey and while most bands who fall under the alt-country umbrella focus more on the country part, Truckstop Darlin' keeps their amps turned up. These boys play honest, driving rock n’ roll.
John Phelan - Vocals,Guitar
Nick Foltz - Bass, Vocals
Michael Winter - Pedal Steel
James Pearson - Drums

garage pop, garage rock, alternative

Clara Nieto- Drums/Vocals
Christina Riley- Guitar/Vocals 
Paul Towber- Bass (On this Album)
+ Others
Recorded at Brotown Sound, SanFrancisco,CA 
Engineered & Mixed by Gary Olson of Marlborough Farms, Brooklyn,NY
Mastered by Ron Harrity of Peapod Recordings, South Portland, ME

Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

It ain't easy being a three piece in a world of music that is processed and overdone so we bring what is real back to a punk rock trio. Oh, and we will bring it.
We are three guys hailing from Santa Cruz, California. Have you heard of it, dudes? We brought you The Lost Boys...that's right...The Lost Boys. Whatchu got? S.C. also has a lineage of punk rock and the three of us are glad to put it back on the map.

David - Drums/Vocals
Nate - Guitar/Vocals
Greg - Bass/Vocals

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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