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Whiskey Wednesday w/ Ghost Of Wrights, Electric Jellyfish, Teeth & Tongue, & Hawk Jones @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday March 7th

Wednesday March 7th 2012

Ghost Of Wrights
Folk / Rock / Experimental
Santa Cruz, CA
In the 1880’s a railroad was completed that traversed the Santa Cruz Mountains. This was accomplished with the construction of a small number of tunnels that connected the small towns and communities that dotted the countryside between the Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz. One of these communities was the train depot of Wrights Station.
The railroad was shut down in the 1940’s with the entrances to the tunnels blown up. As a result these small communities dwindled and disappeared becoming ghost towns. Although little remains today but crumbling stone and overgrown foundations, the souls of these towns and tunnels linger on to this day… We are The Ghost of Wrights.

Experimental / Post Punk / Psychedelic
Melbourne, Australia

Electric Jellyfish are a 3-piece collaboration from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Michael Beach (guitars and vocals), Adam Camilleri (bass and percussion) and Peter Warden (drums, loops and electronics). The band has extensively toured both Australia and the United States of America since 2007. Their 2008 EP The Woods was recorded entirely analogue by Head Gap studios in Melbourne, Australia, and pressed to cassette by American label Ecstatic Yod.

Teeth & Tongue
Alternative Pop
Melbourne, Australia
Teeth & Tongue is Jess Cornelius, plus long time collaborator Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie and Damian Sullivan. With a combination of hypnotic 505 drum-machine beats and slow, bent-out-of-shape guitar lines, the songs weave themselves throughout heartbreak and simmering discontent.
Teeth & Tongue's second album, Tambourine, came out in April 2011 though Dot Dash/Remote Control, earning RRR album of the week and rave reviews across Australia.
Her debut record Monobasic received critical acclaim from Australian media, including rotation airplay on triple j and FBi, ‘album of the week’ on Radio Adelaide, and stellar reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine, jmag, Who Weekly and Yen Magazine.
Teeth and Tongue has gone on to perform at the
2009 Falls Festival in Lorne, Australia; the
2010 Laneway Festival in Melbourne, Australia; and has shared the stage with the likes of The Dodos (USA), Juana Molina (Argentina), Grant Hart of Husker Du (USA), The Mountain Goats (USA), THE Duke Spirit, (UK), Bachelorette (NZ) and The Drones.

- Performed at the 2009 Falls Festival in Lorne, Australia alongside Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Moby, Wolfmother, Grizzly Bear, Emilana Torrini, Charlift, White Rabbits, King Khan and the Shrines, Editors,
and Andrew Bird.
- Performed at the 2010 Laneway Festival in Melbourne, Australia alongside Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons, The Dirty Three, Daniel Johnston, N.A.S.A, The XX, The Black Lips, Echo and the Bunnymen
Supported The Dodos (USA), Juana Molina (Argentina), Grant Hart of Husker Du (USA), The Mountain Goats (USA), THE Duke Spirit, (UK), Bachelorette (NZ) and The Drones.
- Radio airplay across Australian radio stations triple j, RRR FM (Melbourne), FBI FM (Sydney), 2SER FM (Sydney), RTR FM (Perth)
and Radio Adelaide.

What the press have to say about Teeth and Tongue:
" of most damn listenable records released this year." ­ Mess & Noise Magazine

"There are names often invoked for an artist in this line ­ Patti Smith, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey­ and Cornelius manages to be a beguiling combination of all three."
‐ Rolling Stone Magazine

"...Cornelius's songs are strange, intriguing beasts; "Stacey Come Over is one of a few that sound like good post­punk such as Public Image or Magazine... It's very good. "
‐ Chris Johnston, The Age (Melbourne) Magazine.

"Jess Cornelius' sassy solo debut (as Teeth & Tongue) is a soulful, lo­fi work of genuine intrigue."
Dan Rule, Music Australia Guide

"Beautifully raw and affecting, Jess Cornelius's voice makes you sit up and take notice..." –
mX Magazine

"...Completely captivating"
‐ Three Thousand

"Low­fi, raw and from the heart ... this solo debut is a testament that some things do happen for the better." ­

* * * * "A raw, idiosyncratic debut..."
‐ Who Magazine

"...Dark, foreboding ballads with a galloping rhythm section and chiming guitar. Unsettling, but beautiful." ­
Yen Magazine

Hawk Jones
Rock / Indie / Experimental / Electro / Pop
San Jose, CA
"It's hard to decide what I like best about San Jose's Hawk Jones. At first listen, I really liked the unusual, hyper-finger-tapping guitar parts and sporadic burst of keyboards. They both seemed like such atypical approaches to playing rock and roll. Add in the fast tempos and intensely energetic drumming, and there's no doubt this band rocks. Then there are the occasional moments of atmospheric noise that contrast so well with the otherwise relentless energy. These guys have a good thing going."

- Aaron Carnes

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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