Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday w/ The Wild Ones, Kamikaze Queens, Fast Asleep, & Smoking Ponys @ The Blue Lagoon 3/28/12

Wednesday March 28th 2012

Good 'ol Rock n' Roll
Santa Cruz

"The Wild Ones will take you back to better times with their retro garage punk sound (think Shangri-Las meets The Ramones)." -KZSC

Kamikaze Queens
Punk Cabaret

The Kamikaze Queens are Berlin Punk Cabaret! Inspired by the mayhem of 1920's Berlin and the city's infamous hedonism that lives on today, they've created a sexy, theatrical live performance that's uniquely their own.

Musically their style ranges from early punk rock and soulful garage to dirty jazz and punkabilly, smothered in reverb, topped off with Spooky Waltzes, and served up with burlesque and cabaret.

Fronted by two dazzling American female singers, Trinity Sarratt and Mad Kate take turns at being sweet & sour, dancing, kicking, and playing percussion, together with one of Germany's hottest Guitar Players, Tex Morton, Acrobatic Upright Bass Player "Luscious Lloyd" Clark from Upstate New York, and Nico "Lipps" Lippolis from Bella Italia on Drums, the Kamikaze Queens live experience is "like a suicide pilot dive- bombing your Rock'n'Roll senses" ... and pushing up daisies.

Since 2006,they have toured all over Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA at SXSW 2009. From Punk Clubs to Theaters, Psycho Shows to Heavy Metal Festivals, to the Tiniest Bar in Texas, the Kamikaze Queens conquer and titillate any and every situation with their unique and one of a kind ensemble, made in Berlin.

Punk Rock
Santa Cruz

no cops.

3 dudes that wanna play some thrash.
Danny B plays the guitar/vocals and has played in several bands like All You Can Eat...those dudes were cool. Andy G played his drums in the Nerve Agents and a couple other bands. He's Nice and he plays drums in Fast Asleep now. Yes. Chuck Platt started out playing in cheap punk bands in Long Beach, Ca then was in Good Riddance after moving up to SC. well....he's ready to get back to his roots and play some fast punk. Bass/Vocals. Get it? Live it, Get Livid! FAST ASLEEP!

Melodramatic Popular Song / Post Punk / Rock
Santa Cruz

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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