Saturday, February 25, 2012

Serial Hawk, Bloodmoon, Thirty9Fingers, Ape Machine, & Silly Creature @ The Blue Lagoon Monday 3/12/12

Monday March 12th 2012


"Heavier than thou stoner metal played at crushing volumes" -SRG 

Black / Doom / Progressive 
San Louis Obispo 

Formed in Fall of 2010 when two dudes working a shitty job realized they both had similar musical interests. One happened to play guitar, and the other had been jamming regularly with a drummer friend. Eventually the three met together to play and thus Bloodmoon was ushered into the world, such as a miraculous virgin birth. 

Santa Cruz

Thirty9FingerS is an aggressive and unique sounding, high energy heavy metal band, with a fun-loving attitude and relentlessly intense drive. We have a passion for music that unites us, and a desire to be a positive outlet for metal heads and music lovers, which sets us apart from the rest of the metal scene. Our influences are widely varied, giving us a unique sound, and our story is one of triumph over tragedy, which gives us our unique name. All members of this band hail from different parts of the USA, but when we came together the chemistry was undeniable. Thirty9FingerS is here to spread our energy throughout the world in it's purest form...MUSIC! Hope you enjoy.

Portland OR

The name APE MACHINE is a nod to the days of reel-to-reel magnetic tape audio recording; a fitting moniker for the heavy-hitting quartet as the band plays through vintage tube amplifiers and lays down its songs using exclusively throwback quality studio equipment. With a heady mix of animal aggression and technical precision, APE MACHINE's music carries an organic depth and warmth rarely heard since the time of rock's glorious early years (or your Dad's bad ass record collection) infused with an exceptional modern sensibility. When the mystical lyrics of vocalist Caleb Heinze lock in with the band's stone-cold groove, APE MACHINE demonstrates an earth-shaking ability to rock. A true four-piece, the group has been called "a rock and roll band with a finger on the pulse of the 70's and their asses firmly in the present" and "real heavy-psych for the iPhone generation" that delivers "true guts and glory rock and roll." 

Blending equal parts Rock n’ Roll, Blues, Stoner Rock and Psychedelia, Ape Machine is out to melt faces and pound the apathy out of otherwise jaded listeners with a wall of heavy rock n’ roll tones unheard since the days of bell bottoms, long hair and blaring tube amplifiers. 

Ape Machine's mission is to combine intense melody, cutting riffs and blistering live improvisation. Where many bands rely on meticulously rehearsed, just-like-the-record-parts, Ape Machine provides a live experience that is as unique as each evening it shares with an audience. 

Cosmic Post~Metal Funk
Santa Cruz

From Santa Cruz, California, there exists a progressive, all instrumental band dedicated to euphoric musical formulations. With Nate Fielding on bass, Keyhan Moini on drums, and Michael Rubino on guitar, the trio combines their metal and funk influences, resulting in a renovation of conventional sounds that has led to the conception of the musical genre of prog-metal funk and the creation of a bold new musical force; Silly Creature.

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show at 9:00

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