Saturday, May 12, 2012

*ALL AGES METAL SHOW* Contorted Records Presents: Section 5150, Casket Of Cassandra, Enrot, Repent Or Perish, A Thousand Shall Fall, & Ignite The Raid @ Annex Saturday 6/23/12

Thrash Metal
San Jose / Santa Cruz / Gilroy / San Martin

5150 formed in 2009 with Dave and Chris coming from the same company both working as mechanical engineers. Later that year Masaki was added to the lineup and we practiced in a basement in the ghetto of San Jose. In 2010 Yakamz was added and we began playing shows throughout San Jose and Santa Cruz. After a brief hiatus recording our demo in May and June of 2010 we thrashed out the bay.
2011 halfway gone in a haze of hangovers 5150 Adopted the name Section 5150 and produced our 1st full length album "Bide Your Time."

Metal / Metalcore
Concord, CA

Originating in March of 2009 Casket of Cassandra is a five piece Metalcore band from Concord CA. Consisting of lead vocalist Amanda Maddera, lead guitar player DJ Montanelli, rhythm guitar player Riley Olacsi, bass player Jake Ramsey, and drummer Chris Campanga Casket of Cassandra has achieved several milestones over the past few years. The band has successfully completed two self booked west coast tours in 2010 and 2011 as well as produced and released their 2010 EP entitled The Makings of a False Truth. Currently Casket of Cassandra is In the process of recording their debut full length album set to release on Nemesis Records in spring of 2012.

Huntington Beach, CA

“Home to a half-million residents and a bustling street art scene, Long Beach also holds claim to resident rockers “enRot”, a local heavy metal quartet burning up SoCal’s entertainment venues with aspirations of world domination”
“Influenced by the likes of Sepultura, Pantera, Lamb of God and Devil Driver, enRot enters the west coast metal scene full-force, ready to leave their indelible mark on independent music. The group’s current line-up includes Sean Vertigo on vocals, Russ Grell & Demian Bridwell on guitars, and Francisco Zamudio on drums. The collaborative result of creative minds and focused dedication, the band brings together a decade of combined musical experience showcasing an impressive performance calendar for a relatively new band.”

Groove/Metalcore/Thrash/Death metal
San Jose, CA

we are a metalcore- thrash band from san jose california we consist of 5 people; Manny Roman-lead guitar, Johhny Botelho - lead guitar, Raul S. vocals, Omen- bass and freshy- drums
Steal our music and well strike you down
started as a five piece from San Jose California, Repent Or Perish is a self proclaimed genre called "groove-core" its comprises the riffage of metal, the speed of thrash, the groove of funk, and the technical styling of metal-core. started in july 2011
A band that will make u spontaneously head bang. We play a mixed metalcore/thrash/ death kind of stuff.

Santa Cruz

Emerging as a duo in the Summer of 2010 with the musical engineering prowess of Kevin Loftus and the guitar styling's of Dhruva Noel, A Thousand Shall Fall was a metal-based recording group with hopes of gaining a few more members and turning it into the real thing. In late August the duo became a formidable trio with the addition of Daniel Johnston, a highly skilled guitarist previously part of various local bands such as Descending Forth and others. With the addition of Dan ATSF found a direction for their music and added an important piece to their onslaught. In late 2010 Jesse Williams joined on vocals, and in early 2011 Gena Krupa joined the band to finalize the ATSF lineup. Currently in the process of composing, booking, and recording the band's sound is strongly melodic while simultaneously staying true to the heavy hitting rhythms they've all grown fond of. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming tracks on and look out for A Thousand Shall Fall coming to a city near you.

Ignite The Raid
San Jose

Ignite The Raid is a metal band hailing from the Bay Area California to bring you a taste of heavy metalcore with a melodic yet thrashy feel to the mix.
Revolt Against Indecent Democracy

Annex LIVE
2554 Grant Ave.
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

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