Saturday, May 12, 2012

Desmadre, The Ascetic Junkies, & Lovers Drugs @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 6/13/12

Surf Rock
Santa Cruz, CA

Whisky Stomp / Americana / Magical Rocket-Pop
Portland, OR

Hailing from Massachusetts and New Jersey, Matt and Kali met at a party in Boston and decided to be friends. Years later they moved into a big red house together, started a band, and confessed their love to each other...first through song (awkward).
After realizing how big the world was, the two decided to head out to Portland, OR, where they finished up their debut album, and enlisted some new junkies. 
Since then, the Junkies have been toured the west coast, released an EP called Don't Wait for the Rescue Squad, and had a ton of fun in Portland. They released their sophomore full-length This Cage Has No Bottom on Timber Carnival Records in November of 2010. 
Check out their live show for a truly unique experience and don't be shy...the Junkies love to let fans join in on the show!

Lovers Drugs
Indie Rock/ Surfy Flowery
Echo Park/Silverlake part of Los Angeles

We are the band Lovers Drugs from Los Angeles. We have been partying together since 2009. We love to party. We love to play and party. We love to play at your party. 

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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