Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Here, Planet Booty, & Frootie Flavors @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 6/27/12

Electro Garage Space Rock
Santa Cruz, CA

What could be more peculiar than a MUSIC from SPACE PEOPLE? the HERE! a pleasurable output from the genius that sounds MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS the HERE! when throbbing tones the excellent feelings of the HERE! across ELSEWHERE! the HERE it is science. we have taken these feelings to put in your EARS the HERE! the HERE! the HERE!

Electropop/Sci-fi Synths/Space Funk/Booty Bass 
The Bay Area & Far Beyond

Planet Booty is a force to be reckoned with. Having started as a genre-defying concept album by brothers Nathan and Dylan Germick that blends electropop, sci-fi synths, space funk and booty bass, the project has evolved into a live show of epic proportions. The 6-piece ensemble fuses electronics, drums, percussion, horns, marimba, guitars, and soulful singing (with a splash of choreography and theatrics) to create a hyper-charged and highly entertaining dance party experience. 
Having quickly earned a reputation as one the Bay Area’s must see live acts, Planet Booty performs regularly at venues such as The Rickshaw Stop, Bottom of the Hill, CafĂ© du Nord, Red Devil Lounge, and Oakland’s Uptown. Their combination of high-caliber musicianship, adventurous arrangements, and good ol’ fashioned funk is guaranteed to raise a smile and get booties bouncing.

Legendary Queer Party Band 
Santa Cruz

We like to pARTy with everybody 
Frootie Flavors features:
Dirt "MANgo" Doogan on guitar & vocals
Val "Golden Delicious" Atha on bass & vocals
Vnes "Boyz&Berries" on drums & vocals
Santa Cruz based Trantastic Power Trio 
Formed in 1995, Frootie Flavors brings an original party startin' mix of eclectic, sing-a-long, dance-a-long fun to any venue! 
Make sure you break out your black light friendly garb for night shows!
Put on your black light garb it's time to fRock! 
A Frootie show is like a bunch of great friends just hangin' out & creating a happenin' scene together.
Friendly positive vibes. Hot grooves. Poppin Dancefloor!
Calling all Solidly & Psychically Frootie Dancers! 
At Frootie shows, you have "The Solidly Frootie Dancers" who are basically all ovah the place, all the time....
And then there's "The Psychically Frootie Dancers" who aren't visibly dancing but if you look real close, you can see the wild dance off behind the groovy neutralness....
Which are you Froo-Froo?
And hey! What's your Frootie Name?

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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