Friday, May 11, 2012

Moon Cadillac, Jazz-elle's Multi-Flavored Electronica, & Smiles-A-Lot @ The Blue Lagoon Wednesday 5/23/12

Santa Cruz

Jazz-elle's Multi-Flavored Electronica
Electro New Wave
Santa Cruz

Jazz-elle carves out her stage presence with dance movements. Writing music with the use of samples and sound files, she builds waves of sound, an electro pop funk wave. She paints with sound, a canvas on which to drop funky vibes and spiritual rhythms, rockin the performance and the moment with pulsing dance moves.
Prevalent in Jazz-elle’s songs the listener will hear heavy bottom bass line notes, pumping drum beats, the prolific melodies with their keyboard instrumentation, exciting guitar riffs and surprising electronic effects.
With social justice as Jazz-elle's passion, in 2004 she produced her first mini disc, “Up”. 2004 was a presidential election year in the United States and her motivation was to engage listeners in the political democratic process. She urged everyone who listened to her music to get "Up" and vote.
In 2006, she teamed up with the funk/rock band "Under the Radar" in Santa Cruz, California; and performed with them while singing and showcasing her original songs.
On a mission for more education, justice and passionate for fun, Jazz-elle enrolled at the University of California-Santa Cruz, California, (UCSC), in 2006-2008. Community Studies was her major while she studied extensively in the UCSC Electronic Music Lab.She gained the skills needed to produce her first complete LP / CD in 2010, “Test Your Taste Buds”.
Jazz-elle produces social justice documentaries, music videos, and the "Planet of Dreamz" music show. Her recently produced music video, "Transcend", was screened at the 10th Annual Santa Cruz Film Festival. Check out more videos at 
Giving audiences a hint of Blondie with a B-52 flavor and a seasoning of Laurie Anderson, Jazz-elle emerges as an artist with dance moves that are said to be off the chain. Your heart is thumping, blood warming, hips bumping, body grooving, mind expanding: in the Jazz-elle vibe.
From the age of 2, Jazz-elle has been a vivacious dancer, dancing through her trials and tribulations..... eventually finding herself in the Mojave desert, where she found her songwriting muse. In the cacti blooming scenery, the lizards and coyotes became her best friends, and she began to transform with them. Her album, “Test Your Taste Buds”, cover artwork is a tribute to and for her lizard friends that inspire the spirit to move.
Get your desert rocks off with the heavy bottom, pulsating beats, sweet keyboard melodies, tripping E effects, an a touch of guitar. 

Hip Hop
Santa Cruz

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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