Friday, July 29, 2011

The Best Friends, Zula, Emperor X, & And Hod @ THE BLUE LAGOON: Wednesday, August 31st

Wednesday August 31st 2011

On Saturday, August 13, Zula and Emperor X announced The California’s Poppy Tour, a tour and content project focused on the seemingly-endless re-creation of California’s splendor through technology, media, and controlled, selective experiences of nature and history.

Santa Cruz
Take that and rewind it back, The Best Friends got the beat that make ya booty go...
It's kinda like Lil' Jon meets Lil' Wayne meets Lil' Bow Wow meets Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

SANTA CRUZ, California, US
Folk / Other / Rock
Hod is but a man, one man recording himself, railing against the ding dong of doom. But Hod understands you, understands your connection to the real, about the way you engage with geography (based in the past, close to the future), about how you get your trees to grow... and the world of the bugs and the sea animals that you study closely, putting a lens to what dosen´t seem visible, and making it real but also surprising, sometimes sensational, like all the escaping animals... and we will say "Can that really be?" We will have to understand that the animals have a life of their own outside our perception. Of course that again makes space for further speculation. Now is his closeness to the present, his songs conceived in the choo choo of thought; passing quickly, leaving the track, but also leaving a track. "I try not encase my songs in any time frame or space, but innately fail because I wear a big yellow watch.... That ticks.... Loudly." Hod

Los Angeles, CA
Emperor X (project of the charismatic LA-based Chad Metheny) leads communal, energetic downstrum-dub acoustic/electronic rhythms, anchored by ear-worm melodies and lyrics steeped in the rich materialism of Chad’s physical science background. Chad has developed a communicative, relate-able, fanatical stage presence over the course of almost a decade of touring, through multiple album releases garnering critical acclaim from Pitchfork, NPR, The Onion, and many more. Emperor X’s most recent full length Western Teleport arrives October 4th on Bar/None records. Music Sample: Erica Western Teleport

New York, NY
Zula is riding a swell of creativity and hard work as they near their first birthday. Zula’s live sound is energetic and propulsive, dealing in tight grooves that provide a bedrock for spatial, interlocking vocal and guitar harmonies. Chief songwriters Henry and Nate Terepka (cousins) bring a personal approach lyrically that focuses on value (morals), time, patterns of behavior, decay, and their experiences living in New York. Flush with songs and ideas, Zula plans to record a debut LP upon returning from California. Music Sample: Get In The Gun

“avant-garde music that's still accessible, and even danceable.”
-Beacon Pass

“Zula is going beyond your typical Indie synth band and tripping into the nether regions of amazing tunes not of this world.”
-The Deli

“Zula's psychedelic aspect is often secondary to the song, largely tied to how they saturate the sonic space with vocals or swells of harmonic tone.”
-Jester Jay

"Jeesus, this music is MAD sneaky"
-Tonya Harding

923 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060
Show 9:30
Doors 8:00

For more information on The California's Poppy Tour, visit or the facebook event for the tour.

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