Friday, July 29, 2011

Dulcet Tone, Melvoy, Candysound, The Cat From Hue, & Jupiter @ THE BLUE LAGOON: Wednesday, August 24th

Wednesday August 24th 2011

Santa Cruz, CA
Been around since May of 2009 and have seen many lineup changes since then. As of now Angus, Nick, Peter, and Jacob make up Dulcet Tone, continue to fight the good fight, and do what we do best: write songs and be assholes to each other.

San Francisco, CA
Dance Rock
The pride of Haight street
Helping people who can't dance, can't dance harder.

Bellingham, Washington
Indie / Other
"A Bellingham-based guitar/drum duo, Candysound's songs are rife with super-catchy melodies and carefully crafted pop rock hooks. Tom Fitzgibbon's shuffling drum beats are a perfect match for Teo Crider's jangly guitar and charmingly subtle vocals." -EMP Sound Off! Panel (Seattle)

"...the result is a fabulously original sounding “thing” coming from these fellows. The title track [Million] was certainly one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, Crider’s Stratocaster and Fitzgibbon’s skin working like a fine oiled machine..." -Boris Budd, What's Up! Magazine (Bellingham)

"[Candysound] write almost-instantly-hummable pop songs of understated beauty that suggest immersion in the Zombies' Odessey and Oracle and some of those underrated Merge bands from the '90s, like Butterglory. Candysound's handle could lead you to expect twee OD, but thankfully they're more about nutritious fruitiness than that teeth-rotting junk." -Dave Segal, The Stranger (Seattle)

"Candysound are adorable. They're fresh-faced, mop-topped youngsters from Bellingham whose MySpace page says they've "been lucky enough to share a variety of stages with some rad bands/people including: Parenthetical Girls, Evangelicals, PWRFL Power, the Lonely Forest," and much more. So humble. Adorable! But they use their adorableness as a kind of judo to flip your expectations at every turn: When you see them take the stage, you half expect some kind of cushy, fluffy boy band that sings chaste ballads about holding hands. And then they play and it's rock that alternates from jangly, mopey heart-tugging choruses to balls-out murder riffs in the same song, and suddenly they're not adorable anymore; they're just really, really good." -Paul Constant, The Stranger (Seattle)

Indie / Psychedelic / Rock
Washington State indie rockers The Cat from Hue play songs which mix a dash of the Dead, a dollop of Modest Mouse, a teaspoon full of funk and even a pinch of the stuff George Harrison wrote for the Beatles into that quintessential Pacific Northwest indie sound." - ..BlogMonterey
"The Cat From Hue does an excellent job of bottling all of their sounds and noises into dense packages of pop, rock, folk, psychedelia or whatever you want to call it.".. -AS REVIEW .. .. .."The Cat From Hue is from Camano Island. We can only assume then that "Hue" is some sort of self-referential island slang. Handclaps, guitars with a slight twang, soulful harmonies, and implications of impossible rooms tastefully decorate their bustling tunes. Fans of The Raggedy Anns' skiffle rock, and those who have ever wished for an upbeat Castanets, would do well to listen to Stumble On, where those elements make an appearance, but the arrangement makes them shine.".. -Seattlest .. .. .."The Cat From Hue are a clever and instrumentally varied band whose songs coast effortlessly through introspective landscapes of narrative songwriting. With radiant guitars and subtly haunting vocals, this Camano Island, Wash. quintet has created an indie folk sound that is decidedly original".. -Sound off panel .. .. .."The five members of this psych-folk outfit sound sweet, with jazz-inspired drums, swirling guitars, and inviting melodies. But don't let The Cat From Hue's warmth fool you; these guys know how to write a biting lyric about the Seattle music industry. Enter "Welcome Back the Rain": "I hear the Puget Sound is the land of the green/I reciprocate the meaning with a speech about the scene." It's a hard sentiment to refute.".. -Seattle Weekly .. .. .."The music itself draws from a plethora of influences. Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear, Portugal. The Man, and 'of course, the '60's throwbacks' - the Beatles definitely pop into a few tracks. So far, the eclectic influences are working.".. -Stanwood/Camano News

Temecula, CA

In 2005 Jupiter came out with their debut EP and after years of shows with bands such as Neon Trees, Fallout Boy, Rooney, Shiny Toy Guns, Kill Hannah, Metro Station and many more and multiple tours of the western United States, they decided it was time for a change. After a three year hiatus, in which the three brothers that comprise Jupiter redefined themselves both individually and musically, their debut full length album entitled Love Campaign is finished. Taking influence from Alt-Country, Rock, Folk, and Blues, Jupiter has created an album that represents their growth and progression over the past three years.

Jupiter are:
Jordan Doverspike (Guitar/Vocals)
Evan Doverspike (Guitar/Vocals)
Aaron Doverspike (Drums/Vocals)

DOORS 8:00
SHOWS 9:30

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