Friday, July 29, 2011


San Francisco
We can't figure out if we rock super hard or just have too many friends who don't like to stay home to drink.
We are three guys playing 90s rock in the 2010s trying to balance the absurd with the heavy as f-ing balls. We're playing around San Francisco and the Bay Area AND we're available for bar mitzvahs!
El Foote Gigantico lo Real It's not too often that an arrangement falls apart at the seams and then assembles itself back together into something that functions stronger, simpler and more efficiently. More often than not when a band dissolves a band dissolves and the people in it move on and peruse separate ventures in life'. Good thing for us we have nothing better to do. The bonds of brotherhood and bromance are too strong to release us into the world alone. We're back with an entirely new bucket of songs people. So join us, show up, get down and get rowdy'but not too rowdy or you'll be kicked out of the club, although we would prefer you get as rowdy as possible so please disregard the afterthought and get rowdy again. Prepare for an ALL NEW set, ALL NEW songs, a not so new kut kinda different new-ish line up and a slough of new records that are precariously looming on the horizon. An efficient machine of three. Aren't there legends about those?
A gay wildebeest having sex with a straight woolly mammoth and the mammoth doesn't want it all.

Mountain View
Surf Rock
The Gillbillies are a 3-piece instrumental surf power trio; traditional style surf music with a razor edge. With members ranging from the high plains desert of Cheyenne, Wyoming; Nevada City in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California's gold country; to the dry desert country of Yuma, Arizona; these legendary outlaw towns of America's Wild West have surely influenced the "hard western" sound and style of the band and it's music!

Blues Rock
STYLE LIKE REVELATORS are known for their heavy hitting, electrifying take on bluesy rock 'n' roll. Their music has been compared to bands such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys while their onstage performance is reminiscent of classic bands like Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones. With a vintage yet fresh sound, and a look to match, pleasing audiences comes natural for this band. Also, don't be too surprised if you hear a cover or two while you're at a STYLE show. The guys don't hide their influences in their performances. They've been known to cover the all-time greats including Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Faces. As well as indie bands like Cold War Kids, The Colour, and The Dead Weather. Style Like Revelators is serving an original style of blues-rock.

In mid 2008, brothers, Nick and Chris Navarro, started writing songs for a blues band. They recorded an EP and started playing shows right away. Later that year they hooked up with drummer, Zak Parrish, and bassist, Matt Willis. Matt and Zak had formerly played together, and their history playing music together went back just as far as the Navarro brothers'. The new rhythm section gave the brothers a hard rock sound that they couldn't possibly have achieved on their own, and when the two duos got together for their first live performance as a four piece, Style Like Revelators was officially under way.

Since then, the band has played countless venues sizing up from small clubs and cafes on up to large outdoor shows and theaters. They have released their first full length album; a thirteen track LP entitled, "Changing Bones." Their current primary focus is to hit the road and promote the album as much as possible.

Santa Cruz Mountains
Rock / Punk
Born and raised in the san lorenzo valley, HIT is the combination of four friends who write music seriously and for fun about growing up and living life. We are looking forward to playing shows in the area and out, we will play parties and venues, please leave us info if you would like us to play near you. Check out our first full length album, "The Floor" will be available soon for everyone to enjoy. Love, Laugh, Listen, and rock. Later on...

Santa Cruz Mountains
Rock / Indie

DOORS 8:00
SHOWS 9:30

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