Friday, July 29, 2011

Moon Eater & The Hauksness @ The Blue Lagoon: Wednesday, August 3rd

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Moon Eater
Santa Cruz, CA
Rock and Roll
Formed in 2011, MOON EATER is a four-piece rock band with a larger-than-life, lightning bolt-up-your-ass sound. Hailing from the sandy shores of Santa Cruz, California, they deliver no fuss, capital “R” Rock ‘n Roll with sharply interwoven guitar lines, muscular rhythms and a natural melodic sense. MOON EATER keeps it fresh and original with a tasty mix of bombastic 1970's guitar rock, garage-influenced punk and some heavy-riffing down-pick damage. What else would you expect from a bunch of mutant audiophiles with esoteric and wide-ranging tastes, who are still cavemen when it comes to apeshit volume and big drums? All members of the band are longtime mainstays of the Bay Area punk music scene, seasoned vets who lay down some serious hot pipe.

Portland, Or
Gresham Rock
  • Bio

    We are a rock'n'roll band in Portland, OR.
  • Members

    Matt sings, Neal plays drums, Brody plays guitar and sings, Joshua plays bass.
  • Influences

    Erdrick and all of his world-saving descendants
  • Sounds Like

    ...we're from Gresham!

DOORS 8:00
SHOWS 9:30

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