Friday, July 29, 2011

Holodomor, Disciples Of Bacchus, & 5150 @ THE BLUE LAGOON: Monday, August 29th

Monday August 29th 2011

Santa Cruz
Black sludge crust worship doom. Chris-Crushing power artillery. Matt-Aggressive shredding and death rattles Alex-Guttural murder screech and crawling death. Formerly psychological waste

Watsonville, CA

San Jose, Santa Cruz, Gilroy
5150 formed in 2009 with Dave and Chris coming from the same company both working as mechanical engineers. Later that year Masaki was added to the lineup and we practiced in a basement in the ghetto of San Jose. In 2010 Yakamz was added and we began playing shows throughout San Jose and Santa Cruz. After a brief hiatus recording our demo in May and June of 2010 we are back and ready to do what we do best. FULL LENGTH ALBUM coming in 2011

DOORS 8:00
SHOWS 9:30

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